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17 Jan

Get Ready For… Christie!!

Hi! My name is Christie Gascoigne, and I’m the new face around here at Kim Ponsky Photography! I’m bringing my passion for painting, decorating, and creative design to the studio. My hubby is over my incessant painting of walls…furniture…floors; you name it, I’ve painted it. So, I had to find a spot where I could pour my passion and creativity. That’s how I got here.

Speaking of my hubby, I’m married to Tim. We have two really cute identical twin boys, Henry and Sam. “SAMRY” started Kindergarten this year, and I found myself a little bored without them at home.

A little backstory: My son, Sam, was sick for his first year of life, and through the healing process, I tapped into my creativity. In all honesty, it was a distraction from doctors’ appointments, hospitals, surgeries-everything I did not want to think about, but I had to face everyday. While my boys napped, I started painting the walls of our home. And I didn’t stop. I found solace in painting. Painting turned into reviving furniture. Reviving furniture turned into decor and design, Decor and design turned into demo-ing my house while my husband was at work. Before I knew it, I was spending all of my yoga salary on paint, furniture, and decor. What can I say, I’m a lover of beautiful things!

Speaking of yoga-that’s actually my first passion. I’ve been practicing for about 15 years and teaching for 7 years. My yoga home is and always has been Cleveland Yoga. You may have heard of this little hot studio in the city. Wink. When I’m not at home with my family or at KPP, I’m either practicing or teaching at Cleveland Yoga. Oh, and if I’m not at any of these three places, I’ve found a good bottle of red wine to share with my girlfriends.

I’m so lucky-I get to do what I love for a living: teach yoga and create beautiful settings. I’m spending my time and talents here at the studio constructing beautiful mini sets for your children to be photographed. Kim is a dear friend, and I’m stoked to embark on this new career path with her and fellow photographer, Gabriella (Gabs) Gallo.

My first project is building our Valentine’s Mini Session set. Envision your adorable children playing in a kitchen setting decorating cookies and cupcakes and throwing flour. The theme is PLAY and our photogs, Kim and Gabriella, will capture your babes having fun in our make-shift kitchen. There will be lots of frosting and sprinkles, but you’ll have no mess to clean up; we’ll take care of that!

Stay tuned for photos of our Valentine’s Mini Session Set coming soon. To book your session, call any of us at the studio: 216-229-7427.

Christie Gascoigne
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13 Jan

I blame the babies

No, I haven’t lost the password for our blog… I haven’t moved to another city… I had two babies.  I blame them.  Missing our cute website updates?  It’s their fault.  But come on… Look at them!

I indulged over the past number of months, and spent more time sitting on the floor with my twins than in front of my computer sharing the happenings of Kim Ponsky Photography… sorry!  But now I’m learning to multitask, and to share my attention again.  So prepare yourself… our blog is back.

This year we have a lot of exciting stuff planned here at the studio.  We will soon begin to build our new set for our Valentines Day photo shoots, and when you hear what we have planned, you’ll jump at the chance to sign up for your session.  After that, we’ll have spring and summer to fill with fun events and specials– but don’t forget, the good weather will be back before you know it, so be sure to plan ahead for your outdoor family photo shoots.

In the meantime… here’s a little peek at what went on here in the studio yesterday.





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19 Nov

Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions Are in Full Swing!

We’re half-way through our first weekend of Winter Wonderland Mini-Sessions, the set is photographing beautifully, and we’re having a blast!  We still have spots available if you haven’t signed up yet, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Just $40 gets you a 10-minute mini-session in our exquisite set, and your choice of a 5×7 print or low-resolution digital file of the photographers’ favorite image.  We’ll also show you the rest of the proofs, and you’ll have the chance to order holiday gifts, cards & keepsakes at special pricing.

These Mini’s are running on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from now through December 10th (except Thanksgiving)… Call 216.229.7427 to sign up!

d42_4417_5x7_lr d42_4612_5x7_lr d41_8240_5x7_lr

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16 Nov

A Peek Inside the 2016 Winter Wonderland

Eton and Kim Ponsky Photography have teamed up again to bring you a spectacular set for our Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions!  They launch in 2 days, and we are working away to put the finishing touches on our elegant midnight winter theme… The set was leaning a tad feminine, so we’re still tweaking it, but we wanted to give you a peek inside… So thanks to Cameron & Charlotte, here’s a preview of this year’s Winter Wonderland Mini-Session set!

We still have a bunch of weekday spots, and a few weekend spots left, so call us to snag yours!

10-minutes / $40 each / Includes your choice of a 5×7 print or low-resolution digital file of the photographer’s pick.  Special pricing on products & services available at the time of your session.  Alternate proofs available for viewing online.

We sell out every year, but always try to accommodate all interested families– but don’t wait… call us now!  216.229.7427

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8 Nov

Go Vote!!

Election Day is here… so get out and vote for your favorite candidate!!


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