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24 Mar

Holy Photos!

Many families have formal professional photographs taken to commemorate a child making his/her First Holy Communion. We, at Kim Ponsky Photography, would be honored to photograph your son or daughter receiving this third of seven sacraments. We know it is an important tradition for Catholic families and individuals and are here to make this moment last forever.

We’re happy to come to you! Our photographers, Kim Ponsky and Gabriella Gallo, have photographed many children at the church where they are parishioners, or even a church of distinction in the Cleveland area where one might not be a member but loves the feel and look of the church itself. Another option is taking photos of your child at your own home! Some children are just more comfortable in a familiar setting and are more themselves. If you don’t want a church setting or you’re not in the mood to tidy up your home, you’re always welcome here at our photography studio.

Just look at some of the boys and girls we photographed donning their classic suits and white fancy dresses in preparation to receive the Eucharist. Simply stunning and timeless.

Contact us today book your First Holy Community photoshoot with Kim Ponsky Photography. 216.229.7427.


Christie Gascoigne
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23 Mar

We call it Flowtography, but it’s a Yoga Photoshoot!

So, what makes a good yoga photo-you know, the ones you see on the cover of Yoga Journal standing in line at Whole Foods?

If you’re a yoga instructor, you definitely know what some bad ones look like! They’ve landed in your email after a yoga photoshoot you were really psyched about until you saw the outcome. Then, you proceed to call your fellow yoga teachers to ask them, “Ummm…is this what I look like in real life”?

The answer is, “YES”, this is what you look like in real life, BUT…the photographer doesn’t know how to shoot yoga portraits. Now, if you have a sympathetic studio owner, s/he understands that not all photos are meant to be published and provides you with options to pick some you like. And for the rest of the photos, well, ask to send them away into a galaxy far far away…

The bottom line is that not all photographers are yoga photographers. We, at Kim Ponsky Photography, happen to be!

Our photographers, Kim and Gabriella, understand lighting. We know how to highlight and emphasize the shape of the body in a flattering way. Hello…did you see my photos on Facebook? Even better, check out Taryn’s below! Taryn’s yoga portraits look like none other. They’re dramatic and more of a fine art look than the traditional yoga photos you see on every studio website. Kim had this vision of what a beautiful yoga photo entails, and we’re putting it into practice. Wink.

Unlike any other photographer in the area, we offer a reflective surface. This is big for two reasons! An acrylic surface adds another element to the image itself, and it provides a “grip” similar to a yoga mat for the yogi to do postures. Other photographers offer paper to stand on or to invert-this makes holding a pose very tough.

And lastly, you need a person familiar with alignment to coach the yogi. Basically, you need me! Forget fixing the hair and pulling down the shirt, we want you to look bomb! I am not too shy to tell you where to put your foot, how to raise your arm, to engage udayana banda for the fifteenth time, and to scrap a posture altogether because that one is just not photographing well.

Are we expensive? YES.      Are we worth every penny? YES.      Are we right here in Cleveland? YES.

So, say “YES” to stunning yoga portraits because we’re ready for you and you want them.

Flowtography sessions are being offered at special rates up through April. After that, we’re on to our outdoor Spring Mini Session! Call us to book: 216-229-7427.


Christie Gascoigne
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23 Feb

Now Offering: Yoga Portraits

Charlotte was the teaser with her yoga skills, but now we are so excited to introduce you to our newest offering here at Kim Ponsky Photography– Yoga Portraits.

Combining the artful photography we utilize in our boudoir and maternity portraits, our goal is to display your form, tone, and poise in a beautiful piece of art.  Whether you are a weekend yogini wanting to chronicle the skills you’re perfecting, or an instructor wanting to show the world your beauty & bod, our collections give you not only the digital freedom, but a well crafted heirloom keepsake whose beauty will compliment yours.

Check out Taryn’s beautiful photos, and keep reading for the collection information.

We have two special collections available for a limited time only:

Good Vibes $325

20 minute shoot / one outfit / weekday only

2 image custom folio and matching digital images

Blissed Out $800

60 minute shoot / two outfits

10 image custom image box

Add the matching digital images for $100!


*additional digital images and products can be purchased for 25% off regular pricing

Want more information?  Want to schedule your session? Give us a call!  216.229.7427

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21 Feb

If Yoga’t It, Flaunt It!

We are so excited to let you in on our newest offering, here at Kim Ponsky Photography!

We’re combining our photography expertise, with the knowledge & experience that Cleveland Yoga instructor extraordinaire Christie Gascoigne has brought to the studio — Flowtography.

Stay tuned, or call us for more information… but for now, enjoy the yoga postures of Miss Charlotte… and try not to be intimidated by her yoga-bod :)

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13 Feb

“Donut” Miss Out on Our Sweet Mini Sessions

We’re almost out of cupcakes here at Kim Ponsky Photography, so we’re wrapping up our Bakery Mini Sessions soon!  So hurry up and get’em while they’re here!

We had dozens of kids in our studio decorating cupcakes, spilling sprinkles all over our bakery mini set, and eating every last crumb of their cupcake… Our pictures are showing kids concentrating, playing, and enjoying every second of their photo shoot with their frosting covered faces.  Check out these delicious photos and call the studio now to book your mini: 216-229-7427.

Up next: Yoga Photography Shoots-stay tuned.

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