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12 Aug

Taryn, Blake & Derek’s Lakeside Photo Shoot


I couldn’t get enough of this family… The cuteness, the personality, and the sweet new smiles kept me lingering well past the kids’ photo breaking point– but I couldn’t help it!  These little fellas have beaten the odds, and I was so excited and honored to get to take these family photos as a celebration of their strength and perseverance.  And big sister, Taryn?  Well her dynamic personality shows through in the photos– I’m pretty sure she’s my new best friend.

Young_04 Young_06 Young_08 Young_13 Young_17 Young_22_ Young_31 Young_33

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28 Jul

Summer Studio Credit Sale & Eton’s Shop Hop


Have you been looking for an excuse to update your family photos?  Waiting for the perfect opportunity to come book our studio and get photos you’ll cherish??  Tired of staring at that outdated photo of your kids above your fireplace?

No more excuses!!  Starting tomorrow, you can take advantage of our amazing studio credit sale as a part of Eton’s week-long Shop Hop event!

For every $100 in studio credits that you purchase, you’ll get an extra $20 to spend!  Buy $100… Get $120   Buy $500… Get $600   Buy $1000… Get $1200

Book that session for yourself, or buy a gift card for a friend… Buy that album you wanted, or pre-purchase credit to use on  your holiday cards!

As a part of Eton’s Shop Hop event, for every $50 you spend at participating stores, you’ll get a raffle ticket to win one or more Eton gift cards being raffled off!

This special event goes from July 29th – August 7… So come in or call!

Hurwitz_02 Hurwitz_05 Hurwitz_06 Hurwitz_09 Hurwitz_11 Hurwitz_22

This offer is only applicable towards future orders or purchases…

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22 Jul

Dana’s Senior Photos


When client’s are deciding on a location to have their photos taken, I try to encourage places that best suit their personality. For Dana, East 4th street in downtown Cleveland was a perfect fit for her senior photos! The colorful backdrops and well as the variety in textures and lighting were complimentary to her personality. Enjoy a few of my favorite from the shoot!





Gabriella Gallo
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11 Jul

Alessandra and Nikitas’ Greek Wedding


Weddings are about family… fundamentally, they are about creating a new family – a new beginning – between the bride and groom.  It is about bringing their two families together.  At last weekend’s wedding, those family connections were just the tip of the iceberg.

The presence of family was overwhelming at Alessa & Nik’s wedding.  The bridal party was made up of siblings & those friends so close they may as well be blood… The ceremony featured the groom’s father chanting the traditional Greek songs, and even the desserts were lovingly baked by the bride’s family (and boy were they delish!).

But with all of the elements of family throughout their wedding, there was another aspect that made this wedding special… this bride, being Gabriella’s sister, is a part of the Kim Ponsky Photography family… no pressure there!  ha!

I loved getting to see Gabriella and her sister’s crazy close relationship through my camera.  To see the tears of joy in their eyes as they acknowledged what a special day this was… or even the bittersweet tears in Gab’s eyes as she realized how her sister’s life was taking her (and their shared wardrobe) away from her.  These two are about as close as sisters could be, and the amount of love visible between them, and the rest of their newly extended family was palpable.  I was excited and honored to get to be a part of this crazy Greek and Italian family for the day, and capture what I know to be a day they will never forget.

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7 Jul

Sean’s Newborn Session


People often ask which type of session I prefer when it comes to doing newborn shoots, whether it be at home or in the studio. Short answer… your home. The more photo sessions I have done the more I have fallen in love with coming to my client’s home to capture the new bundle of joy. There is something so intimate and personal about having the photos taken in your house, not to mention it makes it a little easier on the new moms! I have noticed that the sessions tend to be a bit more relaxed and more of a photojournalist style can be incorporated as well. Now, I will say that these in-home sessions are shorter and less intricate because we do not have the same setup as we do in the studio or a second pair of hands. When I show up to our client’s house, it is just me, my camera and natural light. Ultimately it is a personal preference based on what it is you are looking to get out of the session.

Take a look at a few of my favorite images from a recent at home newborn session! Enjoy





Gabriella Gallo
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