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10 May

Introducing: Your Photo Story…

Imagine having the ability to look back at what your life was like at a stage that is now only a faint memory… when your kids were little and were learning to speak, Gramma was still around, or when the family would all gather around while Dad played the guitar and sang.

Imagine being able to combine the sights and sounds of those times in a memorable keepsake.

We are so excited to introduce the newest offering from Kim Ponsky Photography… Photo Stories.

Let Gabriella come into your home, into your life, and capture your day-to-day life or event from a completely photojournalistic perspective… No poses, no prompts, no pressure. Add to that the voices and sounds, and you will have a unique and timeless treasure. Pricing for Photo Stories starts at $1500.

Our goal at the studio is to deliver to our clients products and services that exceed their expectations… and well, my favorite part of it is making you moms out there cry. So take a look at this debut piece, and imagine having one of your own.



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7 May

Olivia’s Senior Photos


The fact that in any given week, I can photograph an 8-day old newborn, capture the stages of a baby’s first year, a high school senior, a puppy and a wedding is pretty amazing.  I’m often asked which is my favorite stage to photograph, and I’m really not able to answer… There are things I love about each of the different types of photo shoots I do, and aspects that make them fun and exciting for me.

Take Olivia… She used to be my photography student at HB (that is, until she did the unthinkable and dropped photo from her schedule this year).  Olivia is a beautiful, warm, sweet, and sophisticated girl.  She is in that unique stage that combines adulthood and youth.  She was such a good sport– wandering into restaurants and stores, wherever I asked.  Her amazing smile never faltered… I could have photographed her forever.  These photographs show her as the stunning woman she is, but with an appropriateness and sweetness that will allow even her father will appreciate.

Senior photos are a hybrid between the children photo shoots we do so often, and the weddings that are such a high-stakes gig… with the fun, the personality and the ability to play with a little sass and a little sexy, too.

Check out this selection of Olivia’s beautiful senior photos.

Warhop_35 Warhop_30 Warhop_24 Warhop_18 Warhop_15 Warhop_14 Warhop_07 Warhop_03

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30 Apr

Nothing but Smiles


Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing kids of all ages…but there’s something about six-month olds that hold a special place in my heart. Between the nonstop laughter, the gigantic grins, and the adorable facial expressions, Cole sure knew how to light up a room. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. Enjoy! Ghannoum_08
Ghannoum_25 Ghannoum_36

Gabriella Gallo
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15 Apr

Chicks Love the Camera


Sorry for the delay in posting the much anticipated mini-sessions with the baby chicks (and duck!) — but there were a LOT to sort through… I’m talking over 7,000 images.

We’ve dug through, and sent them to print… and while we’d love for you to wait for the surprise of seeing your kids’ photo in print for the first time, I couldn’t wait that long!  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the crazy cute photos we took when our photo studio transformed to a farm for a few days…

Beesley_7314 DSC_2071 DSC_3116 DSC_4279 DSC_4964 DSC_5071 DSC_5589 DSC_6301 DSC_7144

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14 Apr

Not Just Human Babies Around Here


Lately we’ve had four-legged fuzzy ones… feathered ones… and who knows what else we’ll bring around!

Last Friday Linus’ breeder came up from Columbus, Ohio to have their 8 week old Australian Labradoodle puppies photographed for their website.  It was so much fun, so chaotic, and so so cute.  With 10 pouncey pups running in every direction, climbing on my head and eating my hair, it is amazing that we got any photos at all.

Whether you’re a parent of a sleepless baby, a temperamental toddler, or a new puppy that’s destroying your house, you are in the magical limbo of enjoying the newness and sweetness, and trying not to forget a moment… while at the same time, wishing you could press fast-forward to a time of your life that runs a little smoother.  Well, we can help you remember the good parts (and bad) while your life seems to be a blur.  Photos of the stages you don’t want to forget not only create an adorable piece of art for your home, but leave you with a timeless keepsake.

Here are some of my favorites from last week’s puppy photo session… what members of your family (human or not) do you need lasting memories of?

DSC_0155_ DSC_0225 DSC_9849 DSC_9920_erevan

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