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15 Aug

New Studio Open House + FREE MINI SESSIONS!!!

Stop by Saturday, August 26th from 11-4 pm to take a peek around and enjoy FREE MINI SESSIONS for ONE DAY ONLY! Wait until you see our spectacular set built just for our Open House! You won’t want to miss it! A low resolution image of Kim’s choice will be sent to you after the shoot.

Also take advantage of promotional pricing on any sessions scheduled during our Open House.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our new studio at The Office Lofts-3797 Green Road in Beachwood. Convenient parking is located around the back of the building right outside our front door.

Don’t miss the fun! Mark your calendars today!

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18 Jul

We’re Moving August 1st!

The last three years have been transformative in so many ways…

We moved into our spectacular studio in Eton, and I couldn’t have been prouder.  This was my baby, my business, growing up and reaching a point I never thought possible.  Our studio was large, shiny, a gallery, and in the most sought after retail location in the city… I made friends, had frequent visitors and just walking in the door brought a smile to my face.  I worked long hours, often at the studio until after midnight… and loved every minute of it.

But then things changed for me… I met Kenny, we got married, and a year ago we had Cameron & Charlotte.  This past year has been a shift… balancing work, being a new mom, and not wanting to compromise either of these things that are so important to me.  But the reality is, my kiddos win.  So with my life changing, work must change around it.

We are moving to an awesome new space– more room, more parking, no more Chagrin traffic, and no more retail hour requirements… So now I’ll be working when I need to work, but I’ll be able to take my babies to the zoo, to music classes, and truly get the best of both worlds.  Our studio is going to have a spectacular playroom, lots of natural light for shooting, and even indoor parking when Cleveland gets Cleveland-ish!

I’m definitely sad to leave Eton… I’ll miss my friends, miss the frequent visitors, and miss the quality of work-life I’ve experienced over the past three years.  But I am so excited to jump into this next chapter of my studio, my life, and bring all of my clients along with me…

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17 Jul

Baseball’s Newest Princess – Newborn Photo Shoot

Let’s just say, I really wanted to hit it out of the park for this newborn photo session!  Little Miss L is the third bambino to Cleveland Indians fan favorite and first baseman, Carlos Santana and his stunning wife, Brittany.  This gorgeous baby girl shined when she was up at the plate, but wasn’t such a team player when it came to sharing the spotlight with the rest of her family.  It may have felt to her parents like she struck-out when it came to the family photo they were hoping for, but the image is no less a home-run!  Sometimes the best results from a photo shoot come when you venture outside the ordinary or expected.  When you swing for the fences, no matter the pitch thrown at you, you can really get some all-star shots.

Okay… did you catch all of my amazing baseball puns and cheeseball cliches??  I’m so proud of myself right now, it’s pathetic.  I could keep going, but you’ll have to wait for their next family photo session…  For now, take a look at some of my favorite images from Little L’s newborn photo shoot.

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3 Jul

Happy Week-Aversary Kelly and Brett

There are some days where everything goes just right… That pretty much sums up Kelly and Brett’s wedding last week.

The destination:  This was my first time shooting at the new and fabulous Hilton in Downtown Cleveland.  Wow!  What a stunning place, full of picturesque spaces… I only wish we had more time to play around and photograph them!

The weather:  Seriously?  It had rained a lot that week… but not on that day!  Not a cloud in the sky, warm breezes… I mean, who did they bribe to get this weather?!?

The dress:  Just look at it… I don’t need to say anything else.  Ridiculous.

The day:  Calm, laid back, quiet, and just happy.  That’s how it should be!  Forget the stress and the frantic nature of so many wedding days… This family did it right!

The couple:  Kelly and Brett are in love with each other.  That is how I can best sum it up.  It was most visible in how at ease they were with each other… the lack of formality between them… the fact that for them, it seemed like just another day.

The photos:  Photographing Kelly and Brett was so much fun.  All of the factors above contributed to stunning wedding photos, but it was the entirety of the day and the details that made this such a spectacular wedding to photograph.  Here are some more of my favorite photos from their wedding… There are just soooo many more for them to go through!!

Mazel tov, guys… thanks for letting me be a part of your day!


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28 Jun

Kelly & Brett’s Cleveland Wedding Preview

Well… I typically like to show a couple a few favorites from their wedding day as quickly as possible… But when you have a couple like Kelly and Brett, a day like last Saturday, and start off with images like this… it’s gonna take a little longer!

I’ve got loads of pics that will be coming very soon to this blog, but for now, here’s a few of my absolute favs to hold you over… more tomorrow :)

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