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Kim Ponsky
Owner, Photographer

Gabriella Gallo

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Gabriella Gallo

– Photographer – My passion for photography began at a young age as I started visualizing the world around me in terms of photographs. Consistently framing everyday objects, I developed a curiosity to see the world while capturing images that evoke an emotional response. I decided to pursue this passion as a career and obtained […] more

Kim Ponsky

– Owner, Photographer – As long as I can remember, my two favorite pastimes have been photography and playing with kids… It made sense for me to combine the two!  Beginning my career with children’s photography was a natural and easy decision.  I have always loved the innocence of a child, and the power of […] more

Linus and Louie

– Chief Toilet Drinkers – The most important members of the Kim Ponsky Photography team, Linus & Louie are more than our mascots… They are our therapy dogs, our stuffed animals, and primary props! They spend most days sleeping on the couch that was intended for clients, but has since been claimed by these furry fellas. They are as gentle […] more
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