Gabriella Gallo

– Photographer –


My passion for photography began at a young age as I started visualizing the world around me in terms of photographs. Consistently framing everyday objects, I developed a curiosity to see the world while capturing images that evoke an emotional response. I decided to pursue this passion as a career and obtained a degree in photojournalism from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication.

My style of photography lies within creating images that allow viewers to not only remember, but to relive special moments. Using color, light, and emotion my goal is to tell a story that will be treasured for generations.

A few things that make my life a little brighter and a little richer, beyond the lens…
fitness, cooking, red wine, family, discovering new places,
dark chocolate, traveling, coffee, laughing, outdoor adventures and spending time with friends.

I would love the opportunity to hear your story and capture it through my lens.

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