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15 Jun

Barron’s 8 Month Sessionette

I feel so bad for everyone who has a “normal” job!  I mean, come on– look what I get to do when I go to work!!

Last Friday Barron and his mom came in for his 8 month old Sessionette.  Short and sweet, but it yielded a bunch of really great shots.  Eton provided a great backdrop yet again for this photo shoot, and I’m continually exploring amazing and interesting ways to use the space and landscaping.  I kept the backdrops clean and simple for Barron’s shoot to compliment his at-home newborn session.  This little guy (and his parents) are going to have a wonderful collection of images to chronicle this exciting and ever-changing time in their lives, and I’m so grateful to get to play a part in that.  Bart_01 Bart_16 Bart_24

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12 Jun

Jacob’s 7th Month Photo Shoot

Check out the cheeks on this fella!  Jacob has the same exact face he did when we he was in the studio for his newborn photo session / extended family photo shoot last November, but my oh my, have those cheeks filled in!  This bright eyed little guy had us laughing throughout the session– and had us falling in love with him.  What a happy guy!

While parents often aim to get photos at the mid-point of their baby’s first year, waiting until the baby is securely sitting up is what we strongly recommend.  After all, many of our clients add in the 3-4 month and 8-9 month stages as well — and there’s not a big difference in the kinds of photos we can capture between a 3-4 month old and a 6 month old who isn’t yet sitting on his own.  So don’t worry about capturing the AGE… and focus on the STAGE.  Jacob is the perfect example of this.  His newfound skill at sitting, and his comfort with it, allowed him to interact with us, his environment, and let those smiles free.

Next time I see Jacob, I fully expect to be running after him, playing peek-a-boo behind trees, and enjoying his new little walking/running self.

Heller_08 Heller_24 Heller_29

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26 Jun

Elijah turns ONE!

This little baby boy gets fireworks on every birthday, since he’s a fourth of July guy… how fun!  So, to celebrate his upcoming milestone, his parents dressed him in red, white and blue in a really subtle and cute way.  We played all around the lagoon at the Art Museum, which was a fantastic location with the grass still a little wet from the previous night’s rain, so we got a great location and stayed dry and comfortable.  The white marble also gives a fantastic and neutral backdrop, providing the perfect coordinated look for a future wall arrangement.

Nevins_04 Nevins_30

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24 Jun

Hanna’s Outdoor Summer Session

Remember Hannah?  We’ve gotten to photograph her whooooole life!  Well, since she’s just 10 months old, that’s not such a long time, but we met her parents first for their engagement photos, and then following their wedding in Canada, we chronicled her pregnancy, and then got to meet their little baby girl for her newborn photos.

Now this little peanut has a personality, smiles, and delicious arm rolls that I couldn’t get enough of!  They’ll be leaving us soon to move back to Canada… but for now we get to enjoy every second of this cutie and her parents!  With the exception of the newborn session, all of their photo shoots have taken place in Chagrin Falls, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the montage of their life over the past few years.  What a nice memory they will have of their time in Cleveland to share with one another, family and friends forever…

_D3S7765 _D3S7417



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3 Feb

Being Blue Ain’t All Bad

Daniel came into the studio for his first experience having professional photos done, and even though the separation and the pressure seemed a bit too much for him at times, it didn’t stop us from getting some great shots of this big eyed baby!  Daniel wasn’t the only one trying something new that day… that photo shoot was the first time I got to use my newly painted blue wall in the studio!  Check out how great this little man and his family look on my awesome new backdrop!


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