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10 Sep

Lance’s Bar Mitzvah Preview

When I met Lance to photograph his Bar Mitzvah, he walked into the synagogue with his suit jacket non-chalently tossed over his shoulder.  My immediate impression of this 13 year old, was that he had swagger!  My first impression turned out to be right on target, as his confident, kind, and cool personality continued to shine through the Bar Mitzvah rehearsal photos and the rockin’ New York nightclub-style party at the Porsche dealership.  One thing in particular that really stood out to me and impressed me the whole night was how much Lance’s older siblings really adored him… and I could see why.

Cohen_005 Cohen_011 Cohen_039 Cohen_063 Cohen_096 Cohen_120 Cohen_311

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1 Mar

Bar Mitzvah with Bubbles!

This past weekend I proudly watched my eldest nephew become a man… His formal Bar Mitzvah photos were taken the typical Thursday before the big day at Park Synagogue… And the party?  Well, neither typical or formal would describe this event!  My sister-in-law had the idea to turn the dance floor into a giant foam pit!  Guests were told to bring a change of clothes, but the rest was a surprise!  Chick’fil’a filled tummies, while Rock the House had us dancing (and slipping) the night away in the spectacular foam party held at Force Indoor Sports.  There was soccer & basketball, too… but come on, we wanted the FOAM!

It was not only a very special weekend… it was SO FUN!!!

Here are a few of the photos… I’m still working my way through the 800+ images, so stay tuned to see more of the foam fun!

Bar Mitzvah Boy

Bar Mitzvah Boy

I love this kid!

I love this kid!



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26 Nov

Protected: Sammy’s Bar Mitzvah Videos

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27 Sep

Family Photo Video Slideshow

Here is a sample of the new and improved video slideshows we’re presenting your photos with…!  This video is from a outdoor location session that was part Bar Mitzvah photos, part family photos, and part child portraits.  These videos have been a huge hit in the studio– so many people have wanted to take them home with them, give them as gifts to grandparents, or even post them to Facebook, that we’ve added them to our product line!

Check it out!

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1 Sep

August Photography Recap

August was a great month– filled with weddings, lots of pregnancy and newborn sessions, and tons of family photos, both in the studio and outdoors with natural light!  Here is a slideshow featuring a little bit of every photo session from August 2009.  Can’t wait to see what September brings…!

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