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14 Jan

Beachwood Photography Studio | Candid Lifestyle Photography

At Kim Ponsky Photography we pride ourselves on our award winning candid lifestyle photography.  You may be wondering exactly what that means!  While candid lifestyle photography may mean different things to different photographers we refer to it as thinking in stories.  We want your photos to evoke emotion.  Whether it’s a milestone or everyday life we want to capture it in an artistic way.  When you schedule a session with Kim Ponsky Photography whether here at the studio or on-location we’ll capture a variety of shots, poses and backgrounds but to us the real money shots are the ones that where you can see distinctive characteristics shining through.  We get to know our subjects a bit and really play off the traits we uncover.  That shy grin, the playful hug, or the silly giggles, that’s what we’re after!  Sure, we get the posed portraits of everyone looking at the camera but we get them with personality!  We also pay attention to angles, lighting and the more technical side of things too so that you end up with a collection of images that record the precious details that you will look back at later and treasure.

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15 May

Cleveland Photographer | Cleveland Cavaliers

We’d like to wish our Cleveland Cavaliers the best of luck tonight against the Boston Celtics.  We’ll be cheering on #26, Kyle Korver, and the rest of the team as they bring home a win for The Land!  We had the chance to hang with Kyle and his fam and we’re sharing some cute shots in honor of tonight’s game.  We met them on-location at their home for a family photography session and we got to capture the fun-loving bunch.  Check out the photos of them just hanging on the trampoline.  These kinds of images are our favorite because they really capture a moment in time.  When days are long and kids grow quickly these are the things you’ll want to remember.  Of course we made sure to get a few more formal family portraits too.  The collection of images really captures them and we’re sure they will look back on their precious family time together with great affection.

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14 May

Happy Mother’s Day

We hope you had a great Mother’s Day!  We salute all of you hard working moms and grandmas and anyone else in a “mom” role.  We didn’t post yesterday because we were busy celebrating with our own families.  We enjoyed lots of food, fun, laughter and love and we hope you did too!  We’re taking a look back at some of the sweet mom moments we’ve shared with you over the last year or so.  We’re grateful to be able to capture your special times together and we look forward to working with you to create more memories soon.  We are now scheduling summer photography sessions.  Call now to reserve your time…216.229.PICS (7427)

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24 Jan

Such Suffering…

Oh the pains of being my relative… All my 3-year old niece wanted to do was go visit Aunt Kim at her “Stu’yo” and hug & kiss her way right to the lollypops… she had her plan all figured out!  Little did she know that her mom had different plans.  The cute dress, the fun tights… she should have seen it coming!  Well, she had fun jumping and dancing around under the studio lights, and we got a ton of great photos of her, but occasionally she would remember that the photo shoot was a deviation from her sugary plan, and the pouts would come out!  I have to say though, it doesn’t take a smile to make a great photo… this was one of my favorites!

Don't worry, she left with a lollypop in each hand!

Don't worry, she left with a lollypop in each hand!

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24 Nov

Photographing Toddlers

I love photographing kids! People ask me how I can do it all day, every day, but I love it! Kids are unpredictable, funny, expressive, and just fun… what’s not to enjoy about capturing all of that?!? Over the five years I’ve been a child photographer in Cleveland and DC, I’ve developed a style that seems to work for me, the kids, and the parents. For me, photographing kids, especially toddlers, is as much about my interactions with the kids, as it is about my photographic technique… After all, if the kid doesn’t like me, he/she is not going to relax and let their guard down enough to enable me to capture portraits that truly represent who they are. That’s my goal… to produce a photograph that captures the essence of the subject. If he is serious, then let’s see that. If she’s a performer, I want to show that… Pensive, thoughtful, sweet, coy, mischievous, goofy… whatever the personality is, I want to show it! So how do I go about doing that…?
First of all, I want the kids to not feel intimidated by the large camera I’m holding. I want them to be interacting with me during our photo session. I begin by allowing them to warm up to me, and getting to know them. Are they shy? Do they like peek-a-boo? Will they start crying if I make a scary face? Once I get a feel for what makes them tick, we can start taking the pictures. If we’re in the studio, I need to work with them to keep them where the lights will reach… Playing games, distracting them, sometimes (often) making a fool of myself!! When we’re outside for a natural light, on-location session, the photo shoot has a whole different feel. This is my favorite type of shoot for toddlers because they can go where they want! I follow them wherever they go, and they feel free to explore, climb, play and have fun. Outside, we can get the most variety and the most natural expressions in the portraits, and often with the least amount of hesitation from the kids. The at-home photo session is another great option for toddlers– they are most comfortable in their own environment, and often have so much fun showing off all of their toys, blankies, and favorite places.
Wherever we take the pictures, one thing always stays the same… that is my approach. I always want to make sure the kids have fun. Having photos taken should not be like going to the dentist for a kid! They should have a great experience so they’re excited next year when it’s time for their anual portraits. I work to become their friend. To learn about who they are. I litterally get down on their level (mentally and physically). Doing this not only yields better images, but allows the kids to feel comfortable, which to me makes all the difference.


Toddlers are so much fun!

Toddlers are so much fun!

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