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19 Oct

Daddy’s Little Girl

Ayla and her Dad are best buds… When you watch them together that much is clear!  We had so much fun running around the Cultural Gardens, and exploring the different structures.  Locations like this are great for those inevitable Cleveland days when it’s beautiful out, but the ground is too wet to sit on.  The stone paths, walls and structures provide great opportunities to have all the fun we want, while staying dry and comfortable.  Check out the adorable Ayla, and that Dad she’s got wrapped so tightly around her little finger :)

Shapiro_12 Shapiro_18 Shapiro_19 Shapiro_25 Shapiro_29

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14 Oct

Personality Pops with Colorful Expression

The most common question we get around the studio is “what should we wear for family photos?”  Whenever I come across a family who made a great wardrobe choice, I like to share it!  This past weekend I met up with my friends Josie, Sophie, Layla and Lucy… We’ve gotten to know each other well over the years, and I always look forward to our photo sessions.  I have many great shots to share, but to start, I wanted to show off how great the bright pink looked against the fall leaves.  The girls really stood out, and I loved seeing their personalities make an equally bright appearance.  Here’s a family photo, and a few of the great personality shots that we got from little Layla.  These girls were all striking, and it wasn’t just the hot pink that made them pop!

_DSC0895 _DSC1444 _DSC1473

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28 Sep

Making use of the Photography Location

I like to keep my photography simple.  No props, no elaborate outfits, just a focus on the people I’m taking pictures of.  That’s a large part of the reason I don’t like to put too much focus on the photo location we pick… I can make do with pretty much any location, as long as there’s good light!  But, when I got the chance to reunite with my long lost friends Maya and Wyatt, I had the perfect cloudy day giving us photo studio quality lighting no matter where we went!  This gave us the chance to take advantage of the location provided props at our disposal.  I always say that props should be the side-dish, not the main course… the focus should not be on the prop, but rather, it should help strengthen the quality of the photograph.  Here we had an awesome, old, and beautiful split rail fence… great for climbing, leaning, and adding texture to an image.  Check out the different ways we used this fence in these kids’ fall photo shoot, while still keeping it about them…

Abramson_11 Abramson_13 Abramson_16

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11 May

Happy Mother’s Day!

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~Angela Schwindt

Kim had so much fun shooting Mr. J at the Lagoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Personality flowing, his shoot really delivered so many different looks!  From playful and mischievous peek-a-boos to serious senior picture previews, this shoot definitely lent itself to a photo album!  Happy birthday Mr. J!

I fell head over heels for the the image of Mr J sitting facing the pond with his back to the camera.  I got goose bumps and explained that this photo truly encompassed what it is to be a mom. . .  your child is in focus and everything else around is a blur.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms, moms to be and women we look up to! Thanks ladies! We wouldn’t be the women we are without you!


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27 Apr

A little bit of sunshine

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine. . . and shadows will fall behind you.”
~Walt Whitman


Who couldn’t use just little bit more sunshine here in Cleveland!

Little Miss M and her dad took advantage of some early April sunshine in this Spring Photo Shoot at the Lagoon near the Cleveland Museum of art. Cherry blossoms in full bloom and green grass are just a couple of things we Clevelanders have been longing for all winter.

These photos highlight just how great Kim is at capturing a child’s spirit!


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