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12 Mar

Lucy and Bennett’s At Home Photo Shoot

I asked to get out of the studio, and you listened!  I had so much fun doing little Bennett’s first year photos at his house, along with his parents and big sister…

The candid and photojournalistic nature of at-home photos brings such a level of reality to the photos, and I have to admit, I’m partial to these kinds of photo shoots.  The kiddos parents were super easy going, as I invited the tots to climb on the furniture, walk on the windowsills, and likely break every household rule… all for the sake of the photos, right? It didn’t hurt that they had fantastic windows that let in the light we needed to get beautiful photographs.

Stay tuned to the blog, because I’ve got more awesome shoots from this past week to share!

Junglas_11 Junglas_12 Junglas_28 Junglas_32 Junglas_36 Junglas_48 Junglas_56

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30 Jan

Because We Love You… Valentines Minis, Botox, and More!

It’s that time of year again… time to let our clients know just how much we love and appreciate them!  So next Saturday, February 6th, from 11-3pm we’re holding our now annual Valentine’s Day Mini Session Party!

Party, you say?  What’s in store??  We’ll have candy, treats, drinks for the young and old alike, and of course FREE MINI-SESSIONS (with a low-res file of our favorite image to be emailed to you)!!!!  Yes, FREE!

We will have many fun options available for you if you want to purchase some goodies… If you missed out on holiday card season, you can send an adorable Valentine’s Day card!  We’re also excited to offer small custom Valentines for your kids to bring to school and give out– but instead of Peanuts characters on their cards, it’s THEM!  All of these items will be available with your choice of template design at a discounted rate, and will be in your hands before Valentine’s Day.

But wait, there’s more!!  To get everyone ready for Valentine’s Day, we’ll have BOTOX!!!  Facial plastic surgeon, Diana Ponsky (my sister-in-law), will be on site offering special rates on Botox treatments.  Help yourself look like a Photoshop “after” with prices as low as $240/treatment (at $12/unit).  Tackle those frown lines and crows feet, and look your best for your sweetheart!!  Botox treatments will be by appointment only, so call us for more details or scheduling.

Hope to see you Saturday!!

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27 Jan

Guilt-Free Fun with Sessionettes!

Just because it’s slushy, rainy, snowy (kind of) and gloomy outside, doesn’t mean the fun stops around here at Kim Ponsky Photography! Our 20-minute Sessionettes are a fantastic way to update your kids’ photos, and a guilt-free activity when you just need an excuse to get out of the house!  Just 20-minutes, and just $75 (including a $50 print credit towards your order)– there’s almost no excuse not to take a break from screen-time, and have a little photo time!   Valentine’s Day, B-days, or just a fun idea you want to play around with… give us a call, and we can go over your ideas with you!

One of our mom’s has been doing just that… Mandy has brought in her baby girl a few times over the past few months for Sessionettes to chronicle her first year.  Milana, dressed in her Audrey Hepburn finest, and her big brothers as her supporting cast, was the first session I’ve ever held INSIDE Tiffany’s!  It helped that the boys actually bought a little gift for their baby sister, but the folks at Tiffany’s were so amazing, and admittedly entertained by the undeniable cuteness of the throwback threesome.  These photos were used on the family’s holiday card, and were a hit!

Then last week, the girls returned for a baby-only Sessionette in our studio… the little peanut is now sitting & crawling (at only 7 months!!), so we had to update the photos… 20-minutes is the perfect amount of time for this age, because overstimulation or exhaustion can take its toll on the little ones.

Check out a sampling of this family’s two recent Sessionettes… and call to schedule YOURS!

Capel_22 Capel_17 Capel_06 Capel_05 Capel_03 Capel_34 Capel_28 Capel_16 Capel_07

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6 Jul

Annika and Lincoln’s Shaker Heights Photo Shoot

A visit to Grammy’s house from her home in New York City prompted this photo shoot of the “just 3 yesterday” Annika, and she was gracious enough to share the spotlight (sunlight) with her little baby cousin, Lincoln.  This smiley duo weren’t that interested in posing for pictures together, but with the lack of posing and sitting still come my favorite types of images… ones that capture personality, activity and the many different sides of a toddler.  As for Lincoln?  Well come on… look at that squishiness… what’s better than that?  At either age, I will always be drawn to the candid portraits that I’ve built this studio on… Each image as unique as the person in it.  Take a look at some of my favorites from this morning’s Shaker Heights outdoor session.

DSC_6213 DSC_6140 DSC_5973 DSC_5888 DSC_5786_c DSC_5730 DSC_5624_os

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11 Jun

Jack’s 6th Birthday Session

I’ve gotten to watch Jack grow up in front of my camera…  From my first session with his family for their holiday family photos when he was just 2 1/2, I’ve had the fun & honor of photographing this little man twice a year… in the fall with his parents – from which they make their holiday cards, and add to their growing canvas wall arrangement– each session adding a family shot, and at least one of Jack.  And then I get to see him again each Spring, for his birthday photo shoot- from which they have created a stunning collection of albums chronicling his growth, maturity, personality & overall cuteness!  Jack’s mom once told me that when she pulled out her phone to snap a shot of him, he put up his hand and said “only Kim takes my picture…”  Think I loved that story??

Jack is my little buddy… but it’s not so little anymore!  Take a look at 6 year old Jack through the pages of this year’s birthday album!



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