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5 Nov

Beachwood Studio Photography

You can never go wrong with a white background and in this case everything is right! These cute kids came in and were dressed to impress! The contrast of the bright colors against the solid white back drop really make the kids pop and add an element of fun to this photos shoot. We were able to capture a variety of shots and there were so many great images to choose from. These shots and many more are going into a bright orange album for safe keeping and we’re sure they will always bring a smile to the faces of those who view them.  When it comes to professional photos of your kids you can’t go wrong with a studio session.  There’s no worrying about the weather and the lighting and studio conditions are ideal.  We’d love to capture your kids!  For more information and to schedule call us at the studio at 216.229.PICS (7427).

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Beachwood Candid Photography | Cleveland Children’s Photography Studio | Cleveland Kids Photos

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Cleveland Children’s Studio Portraits | Cleveland Children Professional Photography | Beachwood Studio Photography



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17 May

Cleveland Professional Photographer

Kim Ponsky Photography and Lisa Moran Ltd. are teaming up to make you look good!  Lisa Moran specializes in high-end women’s fashion and has some great spring pieces in stock right now!  Stop into their beautiful store and let their staff take great care of you.  Their in-store wardrobe professionals can help you choose pieces that will make you shine and their attention to detail is second to none!  Once you look and feel you best you can schedule your custom Kim Ponsky Photography photo session so we can capture you and your family looking and feeling your best!  Throughout the month of May spend $1,000 at Lisa Moran and receive a $250 Sessionette with Kim Ponsky Photography and a $250 gift card to Lisa Moran Ltd. to be used at a later date.  Our summer sessions are booking up so give us a call at 216.229.PICS (7427) to get on our schedule.  We hope to see you soon!

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2 May

Cameron & Charlotte are 2!!!!!

It’s hard to believe but Kim’s twins are two! They are walking, talking, fun-loving, silly toddlers who we adore! In honor of their big day we’re looking back at some of their most adorable moments. Happy birthday Cameron & Charlotte!

Cleveland Children’s Photographer | Beachwood Photography Studio | Cleveland Family Photographer

Cleveland Candid Family Photographer | Cleveland Best of the East Award Winner | Cleveland Child Photographer

Cleveland Children’s Photographer | Cleveland Children’s Photography Studio | Cleveland Kids Photos

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24 Nov

Photographing Toddlers

I love photographing kids! People ask me how I can do it all day, every day, but I love it! Kids are unpredictable, funny, expressive, and just fun… what’s not to enjoy about capturing all of that?!? Over the five years I’ve been a child photographer in Cleveland and DC, I’ve developed a style that seems to work for me, the kids, and the parents. For me, photographing kids, especially toddlers, is as much about my interactions with the kids, as it is about my photographic technique… After all, if the kid doesn’t like me, he/she is not going to relax and let their guard down enough to enable me to capture portraits that truly represent who they are. That’s my goal… to produce a photograph that captures the essence of the subject. If he is serious, then let’s see that. If she’s a performer, I want to show that… Pensive, thoughtful, sweet, coy, mischievous, goofy… whatever the personality is, I want to show it! So how do I go about doing that…?
First of all, I want the kids to not feel intimidated by the large camera I’m holding. I want them to be interacting with me during our photo session. I begin by allowing them to warm up to me, and getting to know them. Are they shy? Do they like peek-a-boo? Will they start crying if I make a scary face? Once I get a feel for what makes them tick, we can start taking the pictures. If we’re in the studio, I need to work with them to keep them where the lights will reach… Playing games, distracting them, sometimes (often) making a fool of myself!! When we’re outside for a natural light, on-location session, the photo shoot has a whole different feel. This is my favorite type of shoot for toddlers because they can go where they want! I follow them wherever they go, and they feel free to explore, climb, play and have fun. Outside, we can get the most variety and the most natural expressions in the portraits, and often with the least amount of hesitation from the kids. The at-home photo session is another great option for toddlers– they are most comfortable in their own environment, and often have so much fun showing off all of their toys, blankies, and favorite places.
Wherever we take the pictures, one thing always stays the same… that is my approach. I always want to make sure the kids have fun. Having photos taken should not be like going to the dentist for a kid! They should have a great experience so they’re excited next year when it’s time for their anual portraits. I work to become their friend. To learn about who they are. I litterally get down on their level (mentally and physically). Doing this not only yields better images, but allows the kids to feel comfortable, which to me makes all the difference.


Toddlers are so much fun!

Toddlers are so much fun!

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15 Apr

The Fun Continued at Shaker Square Playmatters!

With a completely sold-out day of mini-sessions at the Shaker Square Playmatters Toystore last weekend, we had a very busy Saturday!  Thanks to the help of my boyfriend and my mom, we had so much fun!  Stories were told, songs were sung, and jokes were shared… The portraits from the day really captured the kids– from sassy to sweet… happy to sad.  Our next stops bring us back to the Avon store, and then on to a back-to-back appearance in Solon!  We can’t wait to get some more great kid portraits!

Here are some of my favorites from this past weekend at Shaker Square…

Shaker Square Playmatters - April 2009

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