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31 Aug

Music Man

Well he’s not quite a man, but he is a big fan of music. His mom, who is an amazing woman, has enrolled Little V in music classes to expose him to different instruments and introduce him to other kids his age. He doesn’t always have the biggest smiles, but he sure gives us something to smile about. However, his mom is always the one behind the most creative photo shoots. We don’t provide props here at our studio, but we always allow our clients to bring in whatever they like. In this case, Little V’s mom brought in a music stand, a trumpet and a recorder, not to mention she dressed him in the cutest outfit! (she always does) This little boy doesn’t step out of the house in anything but the best!  Like I said he has a great mommy and we commend her for all she does for him, he is a lucky boy! And how do you like at his Converse shoes with that outfit?! Perfect!

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23 Aug

My Favorite Things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

These are some my favorite things (in no particular order):

1. sunny days

2. flip flops

3. spending time with friends and family

4. sparkly things

5. coffee

6. my car

7. my dogs

8. dancing

9. ice cream

10. and of course one of my top favorites and the reason I decided to write this blog, is the the color GREEN!

I practically love everything that is the color green…This little girl is not only sooo cute but has the most amazing green eyes and the dress she wore, with the wonderful green outdoor setting was perfect! Green and purple is one of the best color combinations out there and these photos really exemplify that. For moms and dads out there getting ready for their family shoot, keep in mind good color combinations when it comes to getting you and your kids dressed. Try and stay in the same box of crayon colors and refrain from cartoon characters or any image that would be distracting. And remember, letting them wear one of their favorite things might not be a bad idea!

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10 Nov

Amazing Outdoor Autumn Photos!

For the fourth year, I got the treat of spending an afternoon taking outdoor family photos with Mr. R and Miss E (and their parents, of course)! These kids are definitely some of my favorite people around! They are so cute, and so sweet– and always excited to play and take pictures! Taking advantage of the extraordinary beauty of the autumn leaves, we explored areas of Chagrin were every turn provided a new picturesque backdrop! You just need to watch out for Mr. Water Snake, right guys?!?

So much fun playing in the leaves!

So much fun playing in the leaves!

Miss E treated me to an original song she composed for me. I think it should be #1!!!

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1 Sep

August Photography Recap

August was a great month– filled with weddings, lots of pregnancy and newborn sessions, and tons of family photos, both in the studio and outdoors with natural light!  Here is a slideshow featuring a little bit of every photo session from August 2009.  Can’t wait to see what September brings…!

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