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13 Feb

“Donut” Miss Out on Our Sweet Mini Sessions

We’re almost out of cupcakes here at Kim Ponsky Photography, so we’re wrapping up our Bakery Mini Sessions soon!  So hurry up and get’em while they’re here!

We had dozens of kids in our studio decorating cupcakes, spilling sprinkles all over our bakery mini set, and eating every last crumb of their cupcake… Our pictures are showing kids concentrating, playing, and enjoying every second of their photo shoot with their frosting covered faces.  Check out these delicious photos and call the studio now to book your mini: 216-229-7427.

Up next: Yoga Photography Shoots-stay tuned.

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30 Apr

Nothing but Smiles

Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing kids of all ages…but there’s something about six-month olds that hold a special place in my heart. Between the nonstop laughter, the gigantic grins, and the adorable facial expressions, Cole sure knew how to light up a room. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. Enjoy! Ghannoum_08
Ghannoum_25 Ghannoum_36

Gabriella Gallo
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17 Oct

Who’s Excited About Our New Space??

Eitan is!!

This handsome fella was a big deal to me… not only was he super energetic and cute, but he and his mom were the first official walk-in we got at our new retail location!  Down in the basement of Little Italy, that concept was foreign to me… but here, we’ve added a whole new dynamic and all new possibilities!  Eitan’s mom brought him in one day and said “We’re going to go have lunch, but right now he’s still clean!  Can you do pictures of him NOW?”  I was caught off guard, but of course the answer was yes!  I couldn’t be more excited by our move, and this experience was just one more reason added on to many that I love our new home…

Auron_10 Auron_09

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14 May

Great Start To My Day Today

I was finishing up my morning run, and heard my name faintly through my earphones… I turned to see my long-time clients Colin and Finn leaning out of their Dad’s car window waving to me! I’ve been photographing these guys since Colin was still in diapers, and Finn wasn’t even around — and was so touched to hear them calling my name. I love my clients– more than being appreciative of them letting me into their lives to capture their memories, I develop relationships that I value just as much. This little morning shout-out gave me such a warm start to my day– reminding me that I’ve made friends with so many little faces out there, and that they consider me a friend, too!

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3 Jul

Studio Mini Sessions Are Almost Here!

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”  ~Eudora Welty

If you know anything about Kim and her photography you know that quote is true! Whether Kim has 10 minutes or 10 hours she always seems to be able to capture the essence of the person she is photographing!  Her candid portraiture is unparalleled!

Why not experience it yourself by booking one of our Studio Mini Sessions?  Times are filling up fast so if it’s been on your mind give us a call!


What: Kim Ponsky Photography – Studio Mini Sessions

Where: Our Studio (2026 Murray Hill Rd, Suite #3, Cleveland, 44106)

When: Thursday July 19 & Friday July 20!

How It Works:  For all of our repeat clients… you know how this all works! But let’s break it down for the newbies!

  • $15 covers a 10 minute mini session with our white studio backdrop and one 5×7 of Kim’s Pick (Kim will choose her favorite shot to edit and print.)
  • Additional 5x7s of Kim’s Pick will be sold at $15 each so why not pick up a few extras for Grandmas and Grandpas
  • Additional prints of different images can be purchased at regular price (see the “Investment” tab above for more details)
  • Have multiple children?  No problem!  We can block out 10 minutes per child or group shot at $15 each!
  • If you’re interested in having a group shot make sure that outfits coordinate.  This doesn’t mean they should match, but colors should mesh (bright colors with bright colors OR pastels with pastels).
  • Just a friendly reminder to remove tattoos, milk mustaches, and anything that’s “snot” wanted in your photos ;-)

To book your Studio Mini Session just give me a call at 216.229.7427 or email me at:!


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