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9 May

Kim Ponsky Photography | Rock Hall Inductions

We’re throwing it back to Rock Hall Induction Weekend.  If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen glimpses of our Rock Hall Induction coverage.  The energy and excitement in Cleveland was amazing and we were so happy to be a part of it.  From exhibit openings to the red carpet to private parties we had all access to the fun.  We were tapped to cover celebrities, donors, music executives and fans and we captured it all.  Of course some of the highlights included photographing the Rock Hall Class of 2018 which includes Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues, Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  We were there when Jon Bon Jovi addressed the crowd for the first time at the Rock Hall and we were honored to take some of the first photos of the band accepting their Induction award.  We also were up close to capture  all of the presenters and performers like Howard Stern Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, Quest Love and Paul Schaeffer.  We may seem a little star struck but it’s not every day these talented folks are hanging out in Cleveland!  And they were everywhere–from the JACK casino to Urban Farmer and Nuevo they hit up all the hot spots in Cleveland.  We’re proud to be native Clevelanders and it’s so fun to watch our city get the attention and respect it deserves.  If you missed the action you can catch the ceremony on HBO.  Now back to all of our other VIP orders…yours!


Deb Hurwitz
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9 Dec

What I love about my job…

Where do I start?? I’m not sure what I love MOST about my job, but one of my favorite aspects is the opportunity to capture and preserve all of the different aspects of time in a family’s life through images. Although a typical photo session may only last 45 minutes, I love how honest kids are, and how their true selves always seem to come through in their photos.
Take these two amazing kids… In this video slideshow, you’ll see happy, silly, serious, bored, and best yet, the family dynamics. That’s what I love. It’s one thing to get that one great shot, but to me, it’s the ability to tell a story of this time in a family’s life. The albums we create let families hold on to that chapter of their lives forever… and I love the fact that I get to be the one to preserve those memories for them.

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1 Mar

Bar Mitzvah with Bubbles!

This past weekend I proudly watched my eldest nephew become a man… His formal Bar Mitzvah photos were taken the typical Thursday before the big day at Park Synagogue… And the party?  Well, neither typical or formal would describe this event!  My sister-in-law had the idea to turn the dance floor into a giant foam pit!  Guests were told to bring a change of clothes, but the rest was a surprise!  Chick’fil’a filled tummies, while Rock the House had us dancing (and slipping) the night away in the spectacular foam party held at Force Indoor Sports.  There was soccer & basketball, too… but come on, we wanted the FOAM!

It was not only a very special weekend… it was SO FUN!!!

Here are a few of the photos… I’m still working my way through the 800+ images, so stay tuned to see more of the foam fun!

Bar Mitzvah Boy

Bar Mitzvah Boy

I love this kid!

I love this kid!



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27 Sep

Family Photo Video Slideshow

Here is a sample of the new and improved video slideshows we’re presenting your photos with…!  This video is from a outdoor location session that was part Bar Mitzvah photos, part family photos, and part child portraits.  These videos have been a huge hit in the studio– so many people have wanted to take them home with them, give them as gifts to grandparents, or even post them to Facebook, that we’ve added them to our product line!

Check it out!

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29 Jul

Scott and Jennifer’s Wedding

Despite a grim weather report, the sun came out for this couple on their wedding day, and everything was beautiful at Firestone Country Club.  With their family all around them, the bride and groom were cool as cucumbers– Jenn even took over when the make-up artist didn’t show up!  This wedding was all about the marriage, and family– the way it should be– stress free, and full of love.  It was so much fun, and a pleasure to be a part of.  Especially when I got pulled on the dance floor at the end of the night!  

Although many couples are reluctant to see each other before the ceremony, I strongly encourage it.  The extra time allows us to take our time with the wedding photography, and really get the best shots.  If it’s the emotional reaction to seeing the bride in her dress you want, we are able to “stage” it much better given the proper setting.  Then, after the wedding, you don’t have to rush away from all the hugs and kisses!

Here are some of my favorite pre-ceremony portraits of Scott & Jenn!

Scott & Jenn 1

Scott & Jenn 2

Scott & Jenn 3

Scott & Jenn 4

Thanks for letting me photograph you wedding, guys– It was such a great time!  I can’t wait to show you all the great shots when you return from your “family-moon!”

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