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2 Oct

At Home Family Photos | Shaker Heights, Ohio

When people ask us where to do a photo session there are so many possible answers. It really depends on so many factors. It depends who is being photographed, where the photographs will be displayed, what look you’re going for and so much more! There are so many beautiful locations around town but one of our favorite suggestions is an at-home photo session. It works for so many reasons. First, what could be more comfortable and easy then your own home? Especially for young children, photographing them in their natural environment can help them feel safe and lends to an enjoyable experience.  Another great reason to do photos at home is that the photos will definitely look great on display since the backgrounds are your home!  At home we can shoot indoors and out and it’s easy to change outfits too.  Have we convinced you to schedule an at-home photo session?  Now the only thing left is to find time on the calendar!  Give us a call today to secure your spot.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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10 Jul

Cleveland Professional Portrait Photographer

Summer is officially in full swing and we’ve been busy shooting outdoors now that the weather has been cooperating! Believe it or not fall with be here before you know it and with it our busiest season! If you have though about scheduling a summer session but haven’t- now is the time to call! We are already scheduling for fall too so if you have plans for family photos, senior portraits, etc. it’s not too early to get on the calendar!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).

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24 Dec

Solon Family Photos

Getting the call to photograph a family we’ve worked with for years is so much fun! We’ve watched these kids grow up before our eyes and even though they aren’t babies anymore it’s always nice to have updated family photos.  The sincere warmth between this family during our session was so sweet to see and it shows in the photos. They were all so relaxed and such good sports that they ended up having a ton of great images to choose from.  In addition to prints and an album we’re working on creating a special wall arrangement for their home.  The colors and patterns of their outfits are coordinated perfectly and these images will look great on their newly painted grey walls!  So many of us are so good at taking family photos when the kids are small but we can’t say enough about how happy you’ll be to continue the tradition.  Give us a call to get on our 2019 schedule!

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19 Dec

Product Spotlight: Canvas Wall Art

Photography sessions can be really fun but what you do with the photos is probably the most enjoyable.  Seeing you memories in your home and on you walls is sure to bring smiles to the faces of those who view them for many years. One of the most popular products we sell here at Kim Ponsky Photography is canvas wall art and there are several reasons why.  Canvas pieces come ready to hang, fit a variety of styles and decor and can be arranged in a variety of ways.  In addition, we have the ability to customize sizes and configurations to give you a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  That’s one of the things that set our pieces apart.  In addition to custom sizes we can ensure that our pieces are up to our high standards when it comes to color and quality.  Canvas wall art looks great as a stand alone piece or when grouped together in an arrangement with multiple photos.  In addition to individual canvas pieces we offer some unique products such as our canvas connectable wall art.  Next time you’re in take a look at our canvas wall arrangements and let’s talk about creating something special just for you!

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19 Feb

Beachwood Photo Studio | Holiday Card Photo Shoot

On this President’s Day we’re throwing it back to this funny photo shoot we did in our Beachwood Photo Studio for the holidays last year.  We are so lucky that we get to work with this awesome family every year to create playful, hilarious, one-of-a-kind holiday cards.  This photo shoot was obviously a presidential theme but we’ve also done a food fight, a halloween theme and this year we spoofed the popular TV show, The Goldbergs!  As you can see this family likes to have fun and their cards are anything but typical!  We love projects that take our photography in different directions and we love collaborating with our clients.

With our February promotion still going on now is a great time to schedule your 2018 photo shoots.  Any sessions booked this month include a complimentary gift of a beautiful 2-image folio with you choice of images and cover material.  Call us today schedule your time today.  Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).


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