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19 Nov

Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions Are in Full Swing!

We’re half-way through our first weekend of Winter Wonderland Mini-Sessions, the set is photographing beautifully, and we’re having a blast!  We still have spots available if you haven’t signed up yet, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Just $40 gets you a 10-minute mini-session in our exquisite set, and your choice of a 5×7 print or low-resolution digital file of the photographers’ favorite image.  We’ll also show you the rest of the proofs, and you’ll have the chance to order holiday gifts, cards & keepsakes at special pricing.

These Mini’s are running on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from now through December 10th (except Thanksgiving)… Call 216.229.7427 to sign up!

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15 Oct

Family Photo Shoot in Shaker Lakes

The sun is shining and the leaves are turning! The peak of fall has officially arrived in Cleveland and what a perfect time to have outdoor family photos taken. Not only is everything more colorful, but it also seems as though the sunlight takes on more of a golden tone this time of year. And when you combine that with 70 degree weather in mid-October, you have the perfect ingredients for a photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites from a session in Shaker Lakes, enjoy!





Gabriella Gallo
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31 Aug

Looking at Photography as an Investment

I have 1,750 photos in my iPhone’s camera roll… that’s just since my babies were born!  Photography is everywhere in our lives these days… I, believe it or not, upload my phone’s pictures to Costco, and print them out to keep safe from the dangers of the digital glitches threatening to erase my memories, and I have tons of these terrible quality photographs around my house in little frames from TJ Maxx.  Yes, even professional photographers put crappy photos on display :)

But… on the walls of our living room, on the walls of their nursery, or in any other area where I would see fit to hang or display another form of art… I put the carefully crafted, high quality images that really capture who they are at a particular stage… or evoke a particular emotion or memory I want to hang on to.

The selfies I take with my husband, or the picture I snapped of the twins in coordinating outfits are cute, but those will soon be replaced with an updated cuter picture that makes me smile.  But what I now know as a new mom, is that photographs are my way to freeze time– I wish there was a way to bottle the smell of my babies’ heads… to save the feeling of their soft skin… sadly, there’s not– but I can capture and save the crinkled nose smile, or the wet bubbles they are starting to blow with their juicy red baby lips… and I know that any time I look at my walls, or flip through an album, that is as close to a time capsule as I can have… so I wouldn’t trade the ability to have these images for the world.

I grew up in a home where the art adorning my parents’ walls was us… Over the fireplace in my parents’ formal living room still hangs a semi-candid photograph taken of my mom and I when I was about 2 years old– not my brothers or my dad, just the ladies– which may seem an unlikely choice for such a prominent spot… but it was a beautiful photo moment and a beautiful image.  Not the kind to be replaced as more photos and memories came into our lives.  That image became a piece of art that then became a part of the home.  When you look at photography as a piece of art that just happens to contain your family– what a win/win is that?  The large scale portrait displays we create for you are not intended to be replaced in a year… so, when choosing what to do with the photos we take, think of your life, of your home, and what you still want to see hanging in 20 years.  That will help you justify the difference between the 14-cent Costco print and the investment you make with professional photography and the products we produce with them.D41_5181 D41_5657 D41_5692 D41_5927 D41_5975


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28 Jul

Summer Studio Credit Sale & Eton’s Shop Hop

Have you been looking for an excuse to update your family photos?  Waiting for the perfect opportunity to come book our studio and get photos you’ll cherish??  Tired of staring at that outdated photo of your kids above your fireplace?

No more excuses!!  Starting tomorrow, you can take advantage of our amazing studio credit sale as a part of Eton’s week-long Shop Hop event!

For every $100 in studio credits that you purchase, you’ll get an extra $20 to spend!  Buy $100… Get $120   Buy $500… Get $600   Buy $1000… Get $1200

Book that session for yourself, or buy a gift card for a friend… Buy that album you wanted, or pre-purchase credit to use on  your holiday cards!

As a part of Eton’s Shop Hop event, for every $50 you spend at participating stores, you’ll get a raffle ticket to win one or more Eton gift cards being raffled off!

This special event goes from July 29th – August 7… So come in or call!

Hurwitz_02 Hurwitz_05 Hurwitz_06 Hurwitz_09 Hurwitz_11 Hurwitz_22

This offer is only applicable towards future orders or purchases…

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10 Jun

Father’s Day: WALL ART SALE!!

Looking for a way to wow Dad this Father’s Day? Give him a reason to smile every time he walks into his office with an adorable canvas on an easel for his desk, or a small arrangement to adorn his bland office walls!  Our various Wall Art options range from gallery wrapped canvases (available in any custom size imaginable), wood-block mounted photos, and even a modern metal sided standout mounted print!  Want multiple images on the same piece, we can do that too!  Call us and help us design the perfect gift for the guy that does so much for so many.
From now through Saturday, June 13th — get 20% off all Wall Art orders, and get it just in time to give to Dad this Father’s Day!Silva_09 Silva_18 Silva_19 Silva_24 Silva_26

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