Cleveland First Communion Photography

24 Mar

Holy Photos!

Many families have formal professional photographs taken to commemorate a child making his/her First Holy Communion. We, at Kim Ponsky Photography, would be honored to photograph your son or daughter receiving this third of seven sacraments. We know it is an important tradition for Catholic families and individuals and are here to make this moment last forever.

We’re happy to come to you! Our photographers, Kim Ponsky and Gabriella Gallo, have photographed many children at the church where they are parishioners, or even a church of distinction in the Cleveland area where one might not be a member but loves the feel and look of the church itself. Another option is taking photos of your child at your own home! Some children are just more comfortable in a familiar setting and are more themselves. If you don’t want a church setting or you’re not in the mood to tidy up your home, you’re always welcome here at our photography studio.

Just look at some of the boys and girls we photographed donning their classic suits and white fancy dresses in preparation to receive the Eucharist. Simply stunning and timeless.

Contact us today book your First Holy Community photoshoot with Kim Ponsky Photography. 216.229.7427.


Christie Gascoigne
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