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11 Dec

Winter Wonderland Sessionettes 2019

Have you scheduled your Holiday Sessionette yet?

Winter Wonderland Sessionettes are underway and we’re having so much fun catching up with long time clients and meeting new friends! We’re loving our beautiful set and how colors just pop off of it.  We offer Sessionettes most days of the week through the holiday season and now is a great time to bring the family in!

Winter Wonderland Sessionettes are $100 and include up to 4 people in our fabulous holiday set, your choice of boutique keepsake ornament or mini table-top frame plus 10% off all a la carte orders.

Take a peek at some of the festive photos and then give us a call to schedule your session…216.229.PICS (7427).

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Kim Ponsky Photography Team

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Deb Hurwitz
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1 Jul

Half way there

6 months, 26 weeks, 185 days, no matter how you look at it, July 4th marks the midway mark until the end of the year. For those of you who celebrate Christmas in July or just plan way ahead, 6 months is not that much time until we all start thinking about holiday celebrations, cards and gifts. Time truly flies when we’re having fun here in Cleveland on those seldom sunny days. We all know that we have to cherish and enjoy each and every nice day because just around the corner snowflakes will be falling and we’ll find ourselves inside our homes freezing. Ok ok, enough of all the dreary and sad ranting. My point is that 6 months from now Christmas will be here and when it comes to scheduling a photo shoot, we want you to start thinking about it now. Kim will be out of town for the majority of October so our fall sessions are booking quickly. Even if you would like to have some blue sky photos for those oh so desired holiday cards, call us today and we’ll do our best to talk the rain gods out of putting a damper on your day.

6 month old baby C

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29 Oct

Boo or Baaah? : Cleveland Children’s Photographer

So I’ve been waiting to write this blog post ALL month! I love Halloween but I don’t know if I love it as much as Kim. It is Kim’s FAVORITE holiday, it’s also probably why she loves the color orange so much. We even threw her a surprise Halloween themed birthday party last year. We were all in costume, the house was entirely decorated with skeletons, black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, spider cupcakes and we even had fun Halloween temporary tattoos!

Despite the Celtic festival from which Halloween originated, it is a holiday that we ALL, or at least everyone, regardless of age, should have fun dressing up! Trick or treating can be left for the kiddos but hey, if you even look a bit younger for your age like me, why not get some free candy from the neighbors too! Every year, it seems as though everyone scrambles to try and find a costume. Sometimes I wonder what the big deal is, but once I see such a variety of unique costumes that people come up with I’m amazed and inspired for the coming year. I didn’t grow up in an American family, but luckily Halloween was one of the few American cultural activities I did participate in every year. In previous years I have been: Minnie Mouse, a clown, a pumpkin, a witch, an American Indian, a princess (mom made that costume that year :)), a french maid, a boxer (not the dog), an 80’s girl, salt and pepper shakers (I was salt), and this year…I will be a nurse :) Halloween is a day, or even a weekend like this year, that gives us the opportunity to go wild and dress in something you never would otherwise. So be creative!

So you must be wondering why I decided to title the post “Boo or Bah?”. Well if you take a look at the photo below, I don’t think I have to explain. Once I saw this photo Kim took, I knew I had to somehow incorporate Baaah into the title. The mom of these 2 ADORABLE boys dresses them up every year and has Kim come out to their home to capture the kid’s one of kind costumes. So this year while everyone else might be screaming “Boo!”, these 2 boys will be saying “Baaah, Baaah”! No matter what phrase you choose to go with while running up to each doorstep this Halloween, remember to be safe, have fun and make sure you get a lot of CANDY!!!

Happy Halloween!

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20 Oct

Spirit Day

Today was announced as Spirit Day by GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and people are encouraged to wear purple in honor of the teenagers who have taken their own lives in recent weeks because of anti-LGBT bullying. Why the color purple? Well…the color purple symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag. We should take a stand against gay bullying and wear purple to remember the those who have taken their lives.

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30 Jul

Christmas in July

147 days until Christmas or the we look at it 147 days until you’re holiday cards need to go out! (well a few days less than that since you have to take into account mailing time). If you know that you would like to send out holiday cards this season, give us a call so we can put you on the calendar. The earlier you schedule the better. Many of our clients love to use outdoor photos from either their summer or fall shoots. To be honest, I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful, clear sky, outdoor family portrait taken in Cleveland while snow falls and ice covers the streets in December? It’s just a sweet reminder of what we had not too long ago and will be waiting a long time to see again. So, although we have had nice weather for the last week, don’t count on it staying that way for much longer. Take advantage of the few short months we have. It doesn’t hurt just to pick a date because just in case it rains we can always push back the shoot to another (possibly rain-free) day. And just to get your wheels turning, below are a few examples of the various custom designed photo holiday cards we have designed…

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