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4 Oct

Twin Newborn Photo Shoot

There was just too much cuteness going on in the studio last week… or, should I say “TWO” much!  One month old babies D and C came in for their newborn photo shoot, and they were champs!  These boys were amazing– No double the trouble here… We cranked the heat up to 85 degrees, surrounded them with cozy blankets, and made them as comfy as can be.  It was amazing to see how the comfort of each other proved to pacify the babies more than anything else… they really are buddies!

Check out these adorable newborn photos we got of these little guys!

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8 Feb

Who to Squeeze First?!?

Okay, so I know my recent posts have been my nieces and nephew, but come on… look at them! Can you blame me?? My brother loved Paddington Bear when he was little… in fact, it was his nickname. My mom found his old tattered up bear this weekend, and decided to try Paddington’s clothes on his 6 month old son– a perfect fit! Now my brother has his very own live toy!! When I caught wind of this act, my thoughts instantly went into the studio where we could surround the baby with stuffed animals, and turn him into just “one of the guys.” He’s not quite sitting up yet, so some tricky positioning had to be used to prop him up, but the results turned out pretty darn cute!! I really have the best job… I honestly feel bad for anyone who doesn’t get to dress babies up, and photograph them in big piles of bears!

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14 Aug

Don’t Let Me Babysit!!

My brother and sister-in-law innocently left me home with their 10-day old newborn baby boy… Surprise surprise, I took it upon myself to turn their back yard construction site into our very own natural light studio backdrop!  The warm summer day provided a comfortable environment for my adorable little nephew, and aside from his displeasure in being repositioned every two minutes, he was a great model!  While I love the studio’s fine-art approach to newborn photos, the outdoor & natural light environment provides a fun alternative– and an endless supply of props!

My brother’s response when I showed him the pictures??  “No you didn’t…  I never would have let you do that.”  He loved them!  They’re coming in the studio tonight for their “official” newborn portrait session. 

Here are some of my favorite shots!


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19 May

Thank Heaven For Little Girls…

This 2-week old beauty’s photo debut came today at our studio during her newborn photo session.  She and her parents will have some beautiful images to commemorate her arrival!  She wasn’t sure she wanted to be left alone for her solo-shots, but the second she made it into her parents’ arms, she was a happy camper!  


What a beautiful family!

What a beautiful family!


Such a precious peanut!

Such a precious peanut!

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