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1 May

Cleveland Heights Newborn Photographer

Remember this little cutie from her sneak peek video a few weeks ago? Well the photos are finished and they are beyond adorable. This little love was sooo good during her photo session.  She was nice and sleepy just how we like ’em! The time we spend capturing a newborn is magical.  We take our time to get the shots just right.  We like to move around the space  and play with different lighting, textures and backgrounds.  The natural light and soothing colors of this nursery provided the perfect backdrop for these soft, pretty pictures.  Some of them will make there way to walls and frames while others will be kept in an album for safe keeping.  This collection of images captures this very joyous time for this family.  They serve to mark an important occasion and carry with them the sentiments of these precious moments.

We’d love to be a part of your special occasions too.  Give us a call or drop us a line to find out more about how we can work together to create beautiful memories.

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9 Apr

Cleveland Newborn Photography | On-Location Session

We could not wait to post this sneak peek video of the sweetest, sleepiest baby we had the pleasure of photographing recently.  This little one was just a week old when we spent the morning with her at home the other day.  She was fed right before we got there which made for the ideal situation.  She was so easy and such a pleasure that the family was busy in a different area of the house which means all of the photos will be a big surprise or them!


It was so special to photograph this newborn at home in her nursery.  Not only did we document this precious moment in time but the photos are extra meaningful because they were taken where the family spends a lot of time–in her first bedroom.  The neutral colors really let the baby stand out and since we were near a window on a slightly overcast day we were blessed with soft lighting.

All in all the the photo shoot was a huge success and we can’t wait to share the finished images with the family and with you!  We’ll post the final shots on our blog soon so stay tuned!

Want to schedule a newborn session?  We’d love to work with you!  Just give us a call…216.229.PICS (7427)

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28 Mar

Cleveland Newborn Photographer

The first time we met this sweet family was a few weeks before they became a family of four.  They came to our studio for a session focused on their toddler and we got the cutest shots of mom, dad, and soon to be big sis.  We also took the opportunity to get some really special maternity shots as well.  These photos will be a  treasured reminder of when it was just the three of them.

Just a few weeks later we got to meet the new addition to the family.  A new precious little girl to love and adore!  Watching the newly expanded family interact was precious and the images capture all the love we saw through our lens. This little one was awake almost the whole time but she was just as calm be.  We got a variety of shots that capture her and we were patient enough that she fell asleep for a just a few minutes so we could get the sleepy baby shot that mom really wanted!

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27 May

Max’s Newborn Photo Shoot

Anybody who’s been in our studio knows that one of the best photos on our walls is a little tutu’d tush walking away from the camera… Well, that famed bottom has some cute competition now with her little brother, Max!  This little man has some serious squish to squeeze, and boy did I have fun with him!! We folded him into little balls, played around outside with some “boy stuff,” and captured the little “Bable Aingies” (the words of a tired new mom translating to “Angle Babies”).

I’ve known this family for years (maternity photos, newborn photography, and various other ages and stages of life), and enjoy every time they come into the studio– mostly because they keep bringing these amazing kiddos!  Take a look at this sweet little bundle they brought in most recently, and check out some of the fun we had with him at his newborn photo shoot!

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7 Jul

Sean’s Newborn Session

People often ask which type of session I prefer when it comes to doing newborn shoots, whether it be at home or in the studio. Short answer… your home. The more photo sessions I have done the more I have fallen in love with coming to my client’s home to capture the new bundle of joy. There is something so intimate and personal about having the photos taken in your house, not to mention it makes it a little easier on the new moms! I have noticed that the sessions tend to be a bit more relaxed and more of a photojournalist style can be incorporated as well. Now, I will say that these in-home sessions are shorter and less intricate because we do not have the same setup as we do in the studio or a second pair of hands. When I show up to our client’s house, it is just me, my camera and natural light. Ultimately it is a personal preference based on what it is you are looking to get out of the session.

Take a look at a few of my favorite images from a recent at home newborn session! Enjoy





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