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23 Jun

Brook’s At Home Newborn Shoot

This is one cuuuuuute baby boy!  We kept it simple for Brook’s newborn session… he was snuggled warm and cozy on a chaise in his mom & dad’s bedroom in front of a window that provided the perfect gentle light to compliment the photos.  We see, and sometimes even do very elaborate poses and props for newborn photos… the babies are so sleepy and bendy it’s hard to resist!  But sometimes, it’s nice to focus on the peacefulness, the simplicity, and the serenity of a brand new baby with images that are just that… This little guy’s newborn photos aren’t about showing off what we can do, they are about showing off this beautiful baby.

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7 Feb

Sam’s Newborn Photos

Families come and go from our studio, and even if their session was the first time we met, they leave holding a piece of our hearts… Last week, however we had a new family come in who already had it’s place in my heart.  My lifelong friends and family, Brian & Tal… and their new addition, Baby Samuel.  This newborn shoot was especially heartwarming for me, since I introduced the couple that are now a family.  It was truly special for me to get to chronicle this monumental stage in their lives.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this newborn photo session…

Rothstein_06 Rothstein_07 Rothstein_21


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6 Feb

Baby Harper and Her Big Brother

Harper came in for her newborn session last week, and while she was as pretty as could be, and the perfect model, it was her big brother, Tyler that stole the show.  Not for his handsome face, not for his cooperative demeanor, and not for his adorable laugh and silliness… those were all present in spades, but it was his love and adoration for his new baby sister that had us all swooning.  We do so many newborn shoots in our studio, but some leave impressions beyond others.  This was one of those cases.  I hope to get to continue to follow this pair’s relationship as Harper grows up and can interact with her loving bro– she’s a lucky girl… my brothers never liked me that much!  … and if they happen to be reading this, I’M KIDDING– don’t beat me up!  heehee

So, in honor of this display of affection, and Valentine’s Day around the corner… we’re feeling the love.  Keep reading our posts, and you’ll find some surprises inside that you won’t want to miss. We’re showing our love, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Sowa_04 Sowa_14

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4 Nov

Walker’s Newborn Session

We saw many trick’or’treaters  last week, but one definitely made an impression!  We got to spend part of our Halloween with Walker for his newborn photo shoot!  His mom not only indulged me, but encouraged me when I decided to wrap her tiny baby in a spiderweb!  But Walker didn’t seem to mind… in fact, he was a total show-off for his entire session– sleeping through various poses and props, and calmly humoring us when he woke up.  His family will have a lot of great images to remember this sweet little boy’s first few weeks… the problem will be narrowing them down!


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27 Oct

Garrett’s Newborn Photo Session

Meet Garrett!  His parents stopped in our studio only hours before he made his world debut, and they brought him back a few days later for his newborn photos.  What a cutie!

Clients after my heart, his mom and dad asked us only to give them shots they “couldn’t do themselves”– which meant we did away with the “safe” shots, and we spent our time seeing what poses, props and positions we could put this little guy into– and we had so much fun!  He was a perfect model, and here are a few of the precious images we got from this newborn studio session.

DSC_2778 DSC_2819

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