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4 Nov

Walker’s Newborn Session

We saw many trick’or’treaters  last week, but one definitely made an impression!  We got to spend part of our Halloween with Walker for his newborn photo shoot!  His mom not only indulged me, but encouraged me when I decided to wrap her tiny baby in a spiderweb!  But Walker didn’t seem to mind… in fact, he was a total show-off for his entire session– sleeping through various poses and props, and calmly humoring us when he woke up.  His family will have a lot of great images to remember this sweet little boy’s first few weeks… the problem will be narrowing them down!


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27 Oct

Garrett’s Newborn Photo Session

Meet Garrett!  His parents stopped in our studio only hours before he made his world debut, and they brought him back a few days later for his newborn photos.  What a cutie!

Clients after my heart, his mom and dad asked us only to give them shots they “couldn’t do themselves”– which meant we did away with the “safe” shots, and we spent our time seeing what poses, props and positions we could put this little guy into– and we had so much fun!  He was a perfect model, and here are a few of the precious images we got from this newborn studio session.

DSC_2778 DSC_2819

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19 Oct

Remy’s Newborn Photos

Meet Remy!  This little princess (note the princess and the pea pic!) had big shoes to fill… Her big brother Oliver adorns the walls of our studio, and our hearts.  But lucky for us, their parents didn’t “use up all the cute” on their first kid, and plenty was passed onto this little girl.  Oliver was also such a good big brother– with the right balance of gentle and disinterested :)  I’ll have more to share from Remy’s shoot, and I’m sure there will be many more pictures of this family to show off in the future!

DSC_1326 DSC_1432


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15 Oct

Barron’s Newborn Photo Session

I’d have to do the math to figure out what was going on nine months ago… but something was in the air!  It has been newborn photo mania around here lately, and we love it!  These precious little bundles of mush are sweet as can be, and are just so tiny!  It’s always remarkable to me how long you can stare at something that does so little.  Barron’s photo session took place at his Cleveland Heights home, and was a natural light photo session.  But then, to help us with a project we were working on (more details to come), his parents brought this cute little guy to our studio just 2 days later for a second newborn photo shoot, and he was a rockstar!  Here are two shots from each of the sessions — the first two at home, and the second two in our studio.

I know I’ve been a bit negligent with my blogging, but I’m back, and will be sharing not only these little baby photos, but many of the outdoor fall photos keeping us busy.  Also, I’m so excited to share photos of our beautiful new studio at Eton Mall, and many of the stunning images we’ve taken in and around our new space.  So stay tuned!

DSC_6358 DSC_0261 DSC_0250

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16 Aug

Sonny’s Newborn Photo Shoot

Meet Santino!  This little guy is finally done cooking, and has joined his expectant parents in their Lyndhurst home.  We’ve seen his mom, Kate (a former and forever member of the Kim Ponsky Photography crew) grow with him in her two pregnancy photo sessions, and now it was Sonny’s turn to take the spotlight.  This little peanut was such a champ– and has kicked off his modeling career with gusto!  I can’t wait to watch him grow up and chronicle his life.

DSC_8404 Tropiano_13 Tropiano_25

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