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24 Feb

Charlotte’s Newborn Photo Presentation

Charlotte’s dad wasn’t able to come in and join us for her ordering session, so we offered to share this proof presentation on our blog for him to see.  You’ve seen the beautifully finished preview of her newborn photos on the blog, but here is the way we first presented the entire collection of proofs to her mom to see.  We like to spoil our clients, and dressing up your proofs in a beautiful slideshow is just one of the ways we do that!


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17 Feb

Charlotte’s Valentine’s Day Newborn Shoot

How did you spend your Valentine’s day? Here at the studio, we got to spend it with this little lady. Charlotte came in at a wee 9 days old, and was a perfect angel. She slept soundly, and was even a happy camper when she woke up. We had so much fun photographing her in different poses, but were sure to bring a little Valentine’s flare to the session. Candies and chocolates are great, but there isn’t much sweeter than a little baby girl…


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17 Nov

One Week Old and Marine Tough

Yesterday Charlie came in for his newborn photos.  At just one week old, this little guy was about the prettiest newborn I’ve ever seen (and I see a LOT of them)!  Not only was this little guy adorable, he was the perfect sleepy poser which let me indulge and experiment with all the great military gear his dad brought along.  A Marine, Charlie’s dad may be tough in combat, but melted with he held this little bundle of baby.  Mom impressed me with how relaxed and compliant she was with every idea I came up with– can I put your baby inside a hard, rough combat helmet?? Ok!  We spent a long time together, but not much of that was spent waiting for Charlie to cooperate.  This little man was a total stud, and we got a ton of amazing and unique shots.  Parents always ask what they should bring to a session.  Should there be props?  Sure, if they have meaning, bring them along!  If they are just props for the sake of props, I’ll pass… but in this case, I was all about it!  Here are a bunch of my favorites from Charlie’s newborn session!

_DSC5698 _DSC5765 _DSC5851 _DSC5927 _DSC5997 _DSC6029 _DSC6141

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7 Oct

Baby Lev’s Natural Light Newborn Session

Little Lev was really looking forward to his newborn session.  So much so, that he decided to make his earthly debut about 3 months early!  We made him wait and finish cooking, but when he was finally photo ready, boy did he do great.  I came to his home for his photo shoot, and we just used the soft light of the living room windows.  He slept like, well, a baby!  Mom and dad were great, and even let me come up with some creative and unique ideas for family photos.  They’re coming in tomorrow to see the rest, but why make them wait!  Here’s a peek at a few of my favorites of this little guy’s first photos.

Novak_22 Novak_30 Novak_32BW Novak_40

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21 Sep

Two of a Kind Makes a Full House

I mentioned earlier this week that the theme of the week seems to be pairs… Well, yesterday we spent five long hours with Jai and Neel, 5 week old twin boys! It was a long session, but it was fantastic. Newborn photo shoots normally take a long time. You spend most of it comforting, feeding, and making the babies happy. Here, we had the added element of TWO babies at once! It was as though they had an agreement with each other… “Okay Jai, when I fall asleep, you start crying. When you fall asleep, I’ll poke you in the eyeball and wake you up!” Mom, Dad, Grandma and the Nanny were all pitching in to help keep the boys happy, and they were great sports as Sharon and I just kept going for more and more. We had so much fun that we didn’t even realize how much time had passed by! This twin newborn photo session went about as well as possible, and I can’t wait to show the boys’ parents the rest of the great photos they now have of this very special pair.



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