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5 Sep

Baby Jaxxon’s Newborn Session

We first photographed this little guy’s parents when we did their engagement photo session, and then had a blast when we did their wedding photography!  But the most recent time we photographed Robyn and Eddie, was when they brought their new addition into the studio for his first photo shoot.  Jaxxon is gorgeous!!  I fell in love with him instantly, and I’m surely going to have some competition, because at only a few days old, he already has a fan club with the ladies in the office :)

Here are a few of our favorites from Jaxxon’s newborn photo shoot… I can’t wait to continue to capture the special moments in this family’s lives and watch him grow up.

Nowak_11Nowak_05 Nowak_01Nowak_02 Nowak_06

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10 May

Nothing Cuter than a Newborn!

We do a lot of newborn photography… they are long sessions, filled with poop, pee, and pouting… but we love every second of it!  The newborns that come into our studio for their first photo shoots are so innocent, so perfect, and just delicious.  That’s what we aim to capture through our photography.  We want to show not only their tiny parts, but to preserve this stage that just goes by so fast.  We photograph these new little people within their first two weeks of life… after that point, their bones are more developed, and so are their personalities and opinions!  Teeny tiny babies will allow us to comfort them to sleep, and enable us to mold them into the perfect positions to show just how flexible and mushy they are.

This week we got the chance to photograph this little angel.  Baby L came to see us while she was still in her mommy’s belly, so we were thrilled to get to meet her for real!  She was about 9 days old, and pretty much slept like a baby the whole time.  Even when she woke up to join the party, she simply snuggled up in the warm blankets, and continued to perform.  Here are some of my favorite shots from her newborn photo session… there are many more, but I’m saving them for her mom and dad!


Pecko_17_lr Pecko_19_lr Pecko_22_lr Pecko_28_lr

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4 Oct

Twin Newborn Photo Shoot

There was just too much cuteness going on in the studio last week… or, should I say “TWO” much!  One month old babies D and C came in for their newborn photo shoot, and they were champs!  These boys were amazing– No double the trouble here… We cranked the heat up to 85 degrees, surrounded them with cozy blankets, and made them as comfy as can be.  It was amazing to see how the comfort of each other proved to pacify the babies more than anything else… they really are buddies!

Check out these adorable newborn photos we got of these little guys!

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23 Aug

My Favorite Things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

These are some my favorite things (in no particular order):

1. sunny days

2. flip flops

3. spending time with friends and family

4. sparkly things

5. coffee

6. my car

7. my dogs

8. dancing

9. ice cream

10. and of course one of my top favorites and the reason I decided to write this blog, is the the color GREEN!

I practically love everything that is the color green…This little girl is not only sooo cute but has the most amazing green eyes and the dress she wore, with the wonderful green outdoor setting was perfect! Green and purple is one of the best color combinations out there and these photos really exemplify that. For moms and dads out there getting ready for their family shoot, keep in mind good color combinations when it comes to getting you and your kids dressed. Try and stay in the same box of crayon colors and refrain from cartoon characters or any image that would be distracting. And remember, letting them wear one of their favorite things might not be a bad idea!

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2 Jun

Sisterly Love

These 2 little girls were precious…especially together! Older sister B did a great job with her little sister’s newborn shoot. We were even able to get a few great photos of just her as you will see in the video below.

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