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23 Feb

Phoebe’s Newborn Photo Session

Check out this itty-bitty baby!  Phoebe is as cute as her name, and weighing in at less than 6 pounds, this little peanut was just too much to handle.

She was a real trouper during her newborn photo shoot in our studio– I only got pooped on once, and peed on once… a good day!  We had a lot of adorable photos that this sweetheart’s parents can hang on to, but here are the ones making their way to their custom birth announcement!

I was lucky enough to travel to Connecticut to photograph her parents’ wedding, and I can’t wait to watch little Phoebe grow up, and be there to capture her various stages of development.  Having the opportunity to witness and photograph the most cherished parts of my clients’ lives is no doubt my favorite part of my job… what an honor, and what fun!

Novitsky_001 Novitsky_011 Novitsky_017

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31 Jan

More from Scarlett’s Newborn Shoot

I had to share more of my favorite shots from this little peanut’s newborn session… Not only are the shots adorable, but I had so much fun playing with the incredible light her home had to work with.  Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I am a light junky!  Give me good light, and I will act like a kid in a candy-store (or… ME in a candy-store)!  The beautiful fabrics adorning the furniture of this home, and the timeless look of the leaded-glass windows gave an almost Renaissance feel to the session.  While I brought many hats and props with me, I didn’t use most of them because I didn’t want to distract from what I felt were the two beauties of the session… Scarlett and the light.  Keeping it simple can often create the most powerful images.  It also gave me an opportunity to play around with different image finishing techniques.  Allowing the vibrant colors to shine through in some, and muting them to bring an aged and timeless look in others.  The possibilities are endless!  An added special bonus to this session taking place at home is that there is no doubt that the wall portraits they select will fit seamlessly with the decor.

“So Kim,” you may ask, “if you love this at-home session so much, why don’t you encourage more of your newborn sessions to do stay at home rather than come into the studio?”  Great question!  When working in our studio, we’re able to assert much more control over the smoothness of the session.  We are better able to keep the baby comfortable by controlling the temperature and the overall environment.  Keeping the babies happy is key to a successful session.  A home session, while having many advantages, can also be much more stimulating, and harder to soothe the baby to sleep.  Most infants aren’t so happy when they’re laying awake and naked, and an awake baby won’t allow us to position them in those adorable positions unique to that age.  We got lucky with Scarlett, as she was a content little babe, but she was an angel despite the dog licking her, the drafty windows, and other home distractions.  But it is for each family to decide what look and feel they want for their newborn photos… the personal feel of doing it at home, or the precious and delicious newborn poses that we can achieve in our studio.  There’s no right answer here… that’s the hard part!

Here are a few more of my top picks from this very special natural light newborn session.  Frankel_04 Frankel_16 Frankel_17 Frankel_20 Frankel_36

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30 Jan

Baby Scarlett’s Photo Debut

I couldn’t wait to get a preview of yesterday’s natural light newborn session of Baby Scarlett up here to show off.  This little princess was so cooperative, even though she barely slept a wink throughout her photo shoot.  The natural light session took place at home, and was so much fun for me, because it was such a different look than the newborn session that take place in our photography studio.  Check out this first little peak into Scarlett’s photo session… more to come tomorrow!


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17 Jan

Matthew’s Newborn Photo Shoot

Matthew’s big sister Addison wasn’t sure how she felt about the idea of taking pictures with her new baby brother… but she surprised us all and couldn’t get enough!  When we photograph newborns with their toddler siblings, there are a lot of challenges.  Putting a fragile infant in the arms of an unpredictable, and often uncooperative tot makes for nervous parents, disturbed babies, and always presents the risk of them just deciding they’ve had enough, and tossing the baby aside!!  Addison hugged, kiss and loved posing with her new rival / I mean, toy / I mean, brother — and was fantastic!  Little Matthew was a champ in his own right — he slept the entire session, put up with my posing him in many adorable positions, and even kept our blankets clean (if you know what I mean!).  Newborn sessions can often take 3 or more hours… but when they run as smoothly as this family’s, they can be just as quick as a typical family photo session (45min – 1 hour).

I had so much fun with Addison, Matthew and their parents, and can’t wait to watch this family grow up right here in my photo studio!

_DSC4644 _DSC4779

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10 Dec

Emma’s Newborn Session

Remember Alyssa getting ready to welcome (or deal with the arrival of) her new baby sister?  Refresh your memory of her mom’s pregnancy photo session…  Well, baby Emma has arrived, and came to see us last week for her newborn photos.  The family arrived with props galore, and didn’t disappoint!  Home-made gumdrops, cupcakes, cookies and confetti sprinkles turned this photo shoot into a Candyland wonderland.  I love photographing this family, because the mom’s creativity makes me look good!!  I can’t wait to watch these little girls grow up, and continue to have fun with their mom’s creative ideas and enthusiasm.  Here are just a few of my favorites from Emma’s newborn photo shoot.

Danks_28 Danks_44

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