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2 Feb

Chagrin Falls Photography | Snowy Photo Shoot

On a cold (and I mean 17 degrees cold!!!) day in Chagrin Falls Kim met long time friends and clients for their annual family photo shoot.  You might remember this fun family from the sweet song they sang about playing in the leaves with Miss Kim a while back.  Click HERE for a look back at the Grammy worthy song! This time instead of playing in the leaves with Miss Kim they played in the snow!  Take a quick look at Kim with the family right before the photo shoot…

Kim captured the playfulness of this great family as they made memories in the snow.  There was no shortage of smiles despite the chill in the air and their were lots of laughs even when things didn’t necessarily go according to plan!  Check out the video below of some snowy sibling silliness!  Bet we’ll get some fun photos out of it!

Snowy Photo shoots are so much fun and this time was no exception.  Everyone agreed that this shoot was a total blast and we can’t wait to see the final images.  Stay tuned to our blog for more from this fun family photo shoot.  Want to schedule your own winter session?  Call our studio today…216.229.PICS (7427)

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15 Sep

Candid Portraits Capture Reality

You can plan your outfits, and give me a list of shots you want to get from your session… but when the time comes to look at the images from your family photo shoot, chances are that your favorites are going to be the moments that show your family interacting naturally. Kids running, babies whining, siblings scuffling… Well, I know these are typically my favorites! One of the reasons I love shooting outdoors is the way it lends itself to forgetting that the camera is there. Suddenly when the pose is over, the kids and parents act the way they “normally” do, and that’s when we get the great shots. A new location with fun stuff to interact with and explore make these moments happen organically and easily.
Take this family’s session at Hillbrook Club. This is a family that I’ve photographed for years, so the kids are great listeners, smile naturally when the camera’s on them, and are a real pleasure to photograph… but what I as a photographer want to make sure I avoid is shots that are redundant from year to year… They got their updated family and solo picks for the holiday card, but I wanted to make sure they had a bunch of unique shots that really captured who the kids were at this age, and what the family dynamics looked like. We ran on the lawn, splashed in the creek, and climbed on the stone walls… all in all a fun time that produced some messy & wet clothes, and some really special photographs.

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17 Oct

Textures of the Fall Photos

It’s often hard to look past the incredible colors of autumn in Ohio… and why would you ever want to?!?  But this transitional season brings out more changes in nature than just the color of the leaves… As they dry out, the leaves become more crinkly (that’s a word, right?), and when they fall and carpet the ground, you have images that not only provide a textured foreground and background; but the additional light that is let through the thinning leaves of the trees creates a play of tones and a spottiness that enhances photographs beautifully.  This family’s outdoor Fall photo shoot in the South Chagrin Reservation demonstrates everything I’m talking about.  For fun, I took away the color, and finished these photos in an antiqued tone that allows the light and texture to perfectly play off of one another and makes these images just as striking as if they were in full color– just in a different way.

choudery_02 choudery_21 choudery_27 choudery_29

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6 Oct

Fall Outdoor Mini-Sessions!

Have you seen this weather??  These are the days that make the frozen winter all worth it… The leaves have started to change, the skies are still blue, and the temperature is just perfect!!

So don’t wait too long to schedule your fall family photos!!!

We still have times available for sessions, but we’re also excited to announce our dates for this year’s fall outdoor mini’s:

—  Friday, October 14th @ Hillbrook Club (Hunting Valley)

—  Saturday, October 15th @ Horseshoe Lake (Shaker Heights)

—  Thursday, October 20th @ Horseshoe Lake (Shaker Heights)

—  Saturday, October 22nd @ Hillbrook Club (Hunting Valley)

These mini-sessions are 20 minutes, and can include up to 6 people (don’t forget, pets are people too!)…

The cost of the mini’s is $250, and you can choose to get either 5 high-resolution digital files, or a $600 studio credit to pick your own products*!  Need to read that one again?? Yep– that was a $600 credit (plus the shoot) for JUST $250!!!  

Sessions will be scheduled on a first-call/first-scheduled basis, and full payment is due upon booking to reserve your spot… don’t wait!  You all know how our fall books up, so grab your spot now!  216.229.PICS (7427)

Want to do your shoot at another location or on another date?  Just call and schedule your signature session or sessionette :)

*The a la carte option is limited to orders consisting of 5 selected images, and may not be used for holiday cards or albums.


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2 Oct

Fall is Filling Up!

October has just begun, but we’re already nearly booked up for the month!  Want some spectacular outdoor family photos?  Don’t wait to call for your spot!  At this point, weekends are nearly sold out with Kim… Gabriella and Sharon still have some available days.  Weekdays have a lot more flexibility.  November still looks good, but Cleveland weather is unpredictable… schedule early, and leave the wiggle-room for those nasty days that require us to reschedule…

Not sure where you want to do the session?  We can help you decide!  Inside is always an option, but we have all winter for that!  Come to Eton and go outside our studio, like these sweet girls did last week… or have a chat with us and we’ll brainstorm to find the perfect location for you and your family.

Look around… Mother Nature is starting to show off… grab those cute kids and challenge her to a beauty/cute-off!

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