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3 Oct

Boys will be Boys…

I have three brothers… it is one of the biggest defining aspects of my identity.  For years I hated it… but as I grew up, I love it.  I love the dynamic of the boys together.  So when I get to photograph these brothers, I can’t help but laugh as their mom tears her hair out… the wrestling, the teasing, the punching, the boys being boys.  I laugh, because while their mom sees the chaos, I see the cocmoradery… the best friendships forming.  The brotherly bond that they will have the rest of their life.  So while I could show you pictures of the madness, pictures of the chaos… I’m gonna show you my two favorite shots from Mason, Will & Nolan’s photo shoot this year.  I don’t know how much longer they’ll put up with our annual outdoor family photo shoots, but while I get to have these boys in front of my camera, I’m going to love every second of it!


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29 Jul

Last Minute Outdoor Sessionette Special!

Last minute openings for weekend outdoor sessionettes…Hurray! We are offering these 20 minute outdoor sessionettes at two different locations.

On Saturday, August 8, Gabriella will be at:
Brecksville Reservation between 10-1
Acacia Reservation in Beachwood between 2-5

These sessionettes are $150 and include your choice of either 1 high resolution or 3 low resolution digital files. Spots are limited so call 216-229-7427 now to reserve your weekend outdoor sessionette!

*Please note that low resolution files are for digital use and not intended for printing

Gabriella Gallo
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30 Oct

Carter and Claire’s Fall Photo Shoot

The amazing weather we’ve gotten this week has given us the opportunity to get back outside for some great fall family photos!  On Monday I met these two cuties.  We started at their home for some formal holiday photos, and then took a short drive down the street to the park by their house to take advantage of this fantastic season.  There’s a lot to complain about with Cleveland winters… but I’ll take them, because there’s nothing better than these warm Indian-Summer fall days for outdoor photo shoots.  Can’t beat this weather!!

_DSC4712_DSC4736 _DSC4949_DSC5037

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7 Sep

Henry’s Outdoor Photo Shoot

When I teach my photo students what to look for when taking pictures, I try to stress to them the importance of the light.  Light is, literally what makes a photograph, and it’s incredible to see what a difference it can make from image to image.  Last weekend I photographed Henry.  I first photographed this little man for his newborn shoot, but now he’s a sitting, smiling 7 month old!  We worked inside the house, outside, and even put his naked tushy on the floor of a barn– and all of the locations choices were driven by the light.  Check out how different each of these photographs feels with the different lighting schemes (and a bit of photo finishing!).  When people ask me where we’ll take photos for a family portrait session or wedding photography, I always try to explain that the location is so much less important than the light… Now if I could only get my students to listen to me!!  _DSC5288 _DSC5530 _DSC5554 _DSC5626

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16 May

Kim and Shawn Paul Take on DC

As many of you might now, Kim Ponsky Photography is a mutli-city operation. Kim originally started in Chicago, then ventured off to DC, and finally landed in Cleveland. Each city has captured a part of Kim’s professional life and she still travels back to them often to keep up with her demand. This past weekend, Kim invited me to join her on a two day road trip to DC. I gladly accepted the invitation.

Kim selected a book on CD to help make the time fly, and that it certainly did. I have never been a fan of anything suspenseful, let alone dangerous, yet this David Baldacci mystery had me intrigued. In fact, for the full 6 hours I was completely inthralled. I was crushed when we had to leave the car. Luckily for me, we would hit a ton of DC traffic and also had a 6 hour drive home!

We arrived in DC just in time to start our first session. We met the family at a quiet park tucked away off of Q street. The flower lined paths and bricked walkways were the perfect backdrop for Spring photos. After such success with this location, we offered it up to the rest of our weekend’s clients, and all delightfully accepted. This park could not have been any more fabulous… well it did fall short in just one area… Kim might have accidentally brushed up against a beautiful azalea bush that had been freshly dusted with crematory remains… Like a pro, she dusted herself off and kept the shoot rolling! A true professional.

The sessions all went swimmingly well and the photos produced were absolutely priceless. The trip was a great experience for me in so many ways. For starters, I wasn’t the most comfortable person when it came to hanging out with kids, not because I don’t adore them, but more so because I just haven’t had a lot of exposure. This weekend’s sessions totally flipped that nervousness into excitement. Who knew that spending time keeping kids occupied could be so much fun? Two of the little guys and I even played frisbee with the giant light reflector. It was the best!

I would love to have the chance to end this with a great “long story short”, but I am pretty sure that ship has sailed, so I will end this blog post by saying… The trip to DC with Kim was a total blast and if you live in the DC area and want awesome pictures of your family, give us a call. Perhaps we will be planning our next trip out your way and I will be able to join Kim and test out my newfound awesomeness with your kids!


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