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31 Mar

Kim is Heading to Europe – Fall Sessions Limited

This fall Kim will be jumping on a plane and heading to Europe to meet with eight of world’s finest master photographers for advanced training… Kim will be spending her days learning the latest and greatest of all things photography to bring back home and share with all of you through your session outcomes. Kim will be abroad for several weeks during our always full Fall busy season, so space for Fall sessions will be limited.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should book a Fall session asap…

1) Your family would look adorable throwing harvest gold leaves into the air and this memory will look stunning over your mantle.

2) This year’s Fall session could provide you with the best holiday card photo ever… a great way to one up your friends and family.

3) It’s been way too long since your last session… and Cleveland in the Fall is the perfect backdrop.

Now that I have convinced you to grab one of these limited slots, the next step is crucial… Pick up the phone and dial 216.229.PICS(7427). Operators are standing by. Okay, by operators, I clearly mean me. I am standing or sitting waiting for you to give us a call and book your session!



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31 Oct

Crayola Bold Colors : Cleveland Family Photographer

They did it! This family took our advice, literally! They actually dressed in plum, teal, raspberry and copper from the Crayola bold set of markers :) We usually suggest that families wear colors that don’t necessarily match but are at least in the same box of crayons. Bold colors are perfect for family portraits, especially in the fall. Each family dressed in a single color shirt but when arranged together for the large family photo, they all coordinated. We think that this a perfect example of what to wear when taking a group photo. I hope this helps visualize what we are taking about when we use our box of crayons analogy.

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28 Oct

Cleveland Fall Photo Shoot

This time of the year is a photographer’s dream– the changing colors of the trees, the carpet of fallen leaves on the grass, and when that gets mixed with the 70-degree weather we’ve been blessed with around here lately, what we have is a outdoor photography playground!  Yesterday was no exception– I got to go out and photograph good friends of my husband and mine (and their kids of course)!  We went to one of my favorite locations for child and family photography… Horseshoe Lake in Shaker Heights.  There’s so much for the kids to climb on and play with, and such pretty scenery for great photo backdrops!  To me, the best pictures happen when the kids have no idea that they’re being photographed… when they can be themselves, and have fun.  That’s when you get the pictures that remind you of THEM!  Here are just three of my favorite shots of my little friends and our photo play-date yesterday!

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16 Sep

Barnyard Bliss and Wedding Wonder

Just three weeks before my own wedding, I had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of my closest friends from high school.  Elizabeth and Gavin shine together… and they are a such a pleasure to watch.  Now, I was a guest at their wedding, but how can I go and not bring my camera??? Their wedding was out at Botzum Farm in Akron, Ohio.  And, although the weather didn’t cooperate, it didn’t rain on anyone’s parade!  The bride walked down the aisle on her father’s arm and under an umbrella… rain whistles passed by, and brought on some laughter… but nothing steered my attention away from the way Gavin looked at his Bride throughout the whole ceremony.  They were something out of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Romance, poetry, faith and warmth of heart… how could I not try to capture it?   Here are some of my favorite shots…

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12 Mar

New Camera… A Whole New World!

As the world of photography expands further into the digital world, the role of a photographer is moving right along with it.  No longer are we glued to a tripod, under a velvet hood with hour-long exposures.  We can now capture images practically in the dark with just the snap of a shutter.  And, as photographic technology takes it a step further, we photographers are now entering a new and exciting world… VIDEO!  My new camera, the Nikon D3s not only surpasses my previous D3 in its image capture abilities, but now adds HD video to its list of attributes.  I’m so excited to now be able to offer clients– kids, families, weddings and bar mitzvahs, alike– a more complete photographic experience.  Adding film, captured with a look and feel consistent with the still images really adds somthing special.

Now tasked with learning how to incorporate this new feature… the fusion of images, moving and still, I turned to my go-to guy… my 6-month old nephew “Baby J” to be my guinea pig… What do you think??

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