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18 Jul

We’re Moving August 1st!

The last three years have been transformative in so many ways…

We moved into our spectacular studio in Eton, and I couldn’t have been prouder.  This was my baby, my business, growing up and reaching a point I never thought possible.  Our studio was large, shiny, a gallery, and in the most sought after retail location in the city… I made friends, had frequent visitors and just walking in the door brought a smile to my face.  I worked long hours, often at the studio until after midnight… and loved every minute of it.

But then things changed for me… I met Kenny, we got married, and a year ago we had Cameron & Charlotte.  This past year has been a shift… balancing work, being a new mom, and not wanting to compromise either of these things that are so important to me.  But the reality is, my kiddos win.  So with my life changing, work must change around it.

We are moving to an awesome new space– more room, more parking, no more Chagrin traffic, and no more retail hour requirements… So now I’ll be working when I need to work, but I’ll be able to take my babies to the zoo, to music classes, and truly get the best of both worlds.  Our studio is going to have a spectacular playroom, lots of natural light for shooting, and even indoor parking when Cleveland gets Cleveland-ish!

I’m definitely sad to leave Eton… I’ll miss my friends, miss the frequent visitors, and miss the quality of work-life I’ve experienced over the past three years.  But I am so excited to jump into this next chapter of my studio, my life, and bring all of my clients along with me…

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23 Feb

Now Offering: Yoga Portraits

Charlotte was the teaser with her yoga skills, but now we are so excited to introduce you to our newest offering here at Kim Ponsky Photography– Yoga Portraits.

Combining the artful photography we utilize in our boudoir and maternity portraits, our goal is to display your form, tone, and poise in a beautiful piece of art.  Whether you are a weekend yogini wanting to chronicle the skills you’re perfecting, or an instructor wanting to show the world your beauty & bod, our collections give you not only the digital freedom, but a well crafted heirloom keepsake whose beauty will compliment yours.

Check out Taryn’s beautiful photos, and keep reading for the collection information.

We have two special collections available for a limited time only:

Good Vibes $325

20 minute shoot / one outfit / weekday only

2 image custom folio and matching digital images

Blissed Out $800

60 minute shoot / two outfits

10 image custom image box

Add the matching digital images for $100!


*additional digital images and products can be purchased for 25% off regular pricing

Want more information?  Want to schedule your session? Give us a call!  216.229.7427

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21 Feb

If Yoga’t It, Flaunt It!

We are so excited to let you in on our newest offering, here at Kim Ponsky Photography!

We’re combining our photography expertise, with the knowledge & experience that Cleveland Yoga instructor extraordinaire Christie Gascoigne has brought to the studio — Flowtography.

Stay tuned, or call us for more information… but for now, enjoy the yoga postures of Miss Charlotte… and try not to be intimidated by her yoga-bod :)

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18 Nov

We Needed Some Color Around Here

Since the inevitable gray Cleveland winter weather has graced us with its presence a bit sooner than we’d hoped, we figured it was up to us to add some color!  My four year old niece, Josie, didn’t know what she was in for when she came by the studio today to visit…  I asked her if I could take some pictures of her so I could test our new color backdrop walls!  We took giant canvases and painted them colors that look great on nearly every skin tone, and couldn’t wait to try them out… so here’s “Josie Posey” living up to the name…  Now it’s your turn to come in and try them for yourself!  Which is going to be your favorite??

DSC_2412 DSC_2484 DSC_2518 DSC_2620

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9 Oct

Just Because You’re Single, You Shouldn’t Have To Drink Alone

Mingle with Singles… Drink Mojitos… & Update Your Online Dating Photos!  

We get lots of calls from people who want a great picture for their online dating profile, but don’t want to use their work headshot.  You don’t want it to look like you hired a photographer to take your picture, but you want the quality that a professional gets you… right?  Well, I came up with the perfect solution.

 Tuesday, October 21st, at 6pm

Come to Paladar and mingle with other singles, and throw a few mojitos back while we get well lit, relaxed, and candid photos you can use for your dating profile!  But hey, maybe you’ll meet “the one” and won’t even need to use it!!!

No name-tags… if he wants to know your name, he’ll ask you for it.

No shared contact list… if she wants  you to have her number, she’ll give it to you.

The cost to participate is a measly $50, and you’ll receive 2 happy hour drink coupons, and a low-resolution file of your favorite image (we’ll put the gallery online, so all you have to do is pick your favorite).

… you ready join us?  Come on… don’t make ME drink alone with my camera  :)

Call 216.229.7427 to sign up and pay.  We’ll have your drink coupons with us at the bar, so just check in with the girl with the camera…

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