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10 Jul

Cleveland Professional Portrait Photographer

Summer is officially in full swing and we’ve been busy shooting outdoors now that the weather has been cooperating! Believe it or not fall with be here before you know it and with it our busiest season! If you have though about scheduling a summer session but haven’t- now is the time to call! We are already scheduling for fall too so if you have plans for family photos, senior portraits, etc. it’s not too early to get on the calendar!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).

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27 Mar

On-Location Head Shot Session

Head Shots can take one of a few forms. They can be done most weekdays here at our Beachwood studio on a solid color background or in and around our studio or for groups of five or more we’re happy to shoot on-loaction at your office. Additional options are available for those looking for a more comprehensive collection of images such as the ones pictured here. We know how busy you are so we’ve made this process easy for you!  Head shots only take a few minutes per person so it can easily fit between clients, meetings and calls!  After the session we’ll provide you with an online gallery to view your images.  Just select your favorite shot and we’ll edit it and send it back to you in color and black and white so you can choose what’s best for your marketing materials, social media and online needs.  Additional images are available for an addition cost.

Give us a call to schedule a head shot for you and your team.

Kim Ponsky Photography

216.229.PICS (7427)

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16 Oct

Boss’s Day

This blog is dedicated to Kimberly Ponsky (Shilo)…

Many of us probably don’t like interacting with our bosses on a daily basis, however today is the day we recognize them for all that they do. Just to give you a quick fact on the day, Boss’s Day was officially announced in 1962 by Otto Kerner, the governor of Illinois. Today is meant for you to show your appreciation for your boss and thank them…so go do it! Ok, it’s Saturday, so maybe give a belated thank you on Monday :)

As I have said before, Kim doesn’t like the word BOSS. That in of itself describes her as my “boss”. She sees us more as friends who have a working relationship with one another. I guess I would say the same thing too. I’m not the type of person of who likes to get all dazzled up for work. I mean, I like to look nice but a suit and a pair of heels are left for interviews in my book. I’m also not the type of employee that likes to sit behind a desk behind a 4 sided, grey cubicle with no windows (who does?) I know that the dress code and environment that I just described does exist for many of you in the working world and I’M SOOO SORRY! Just to rub it in…on an average day at the studio, I get to wear a comfortable pair of jeans, cute top, cool boots or sometimes in the winter, which is just around the corner, I get to pull out my favorite pair of Uggs. I walk into a warm and inviting space, where although I don’t have windows, I do have a big space to work in with a Macbook Pro on a fun IKEA desk and I can listen to Pandora (without headphones!) and have lunch from Presti’s while editing photos :) If I need to take a day or two off last minute, not a problem. Need to come in late, not a problem either. Oh and she also brings me delicious treats, like Prestis’ famous doughnuts…yummm!  The only reason I get to do or have those things is because of Kim.

For those of you who don’t know Kim, let me tell you a little about her.

She is:

nice, funny, outgoing, caring, charismatic, smart, personable, considerate, ambitious, flexible, generous, honest, optimistic, patient, kind, loving, encouraging, forgiving, talented, appreciative, energetic, confident, understanding, respectful, fashionable, and beautiful from the inside out.

Thank you Kim for all that you do and for just being you! and for the sake of the holiday, Happy Boss’s Day!

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10 Nov

Amazing Outdoor Autumn Photos!

For the fourth year, I got the treat of spending an afternoon taking outdoor family photos with Mr. R and Miss E (and their parents, of course)! These kids are definitely some of my favorite people around! They are so cute, and so sweet– and always excited to play and take pictures! Taking advantage of the extraordinary beauty of the autumn leaves, we explored areas of Chagrin were every turn provided a new picturesque backdrop! You just need to watch out for Mr. Water Snake, right guys?!?

So much fun playing in the leaves!

So much fun playing in the leaves!

Miss E treated me to an original song she composed for me. I think it should be #1!!!

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