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21 Jul

Seeing is believing

1 day, 25 opticians, over 900 patients, helping others…priceless.

I always find myself trying to help family and friends and it never really occurred to me that I’ve never made a conscious effort to help out in my own community. Kim’s brother Zac started Medworks in July of 2009 and although I assisted answering phones when they shared our space with us, I never really got much more involved. I guess the only thing I have to say for myself is, shame on me. With Kim’s recruitment of our studio for yesterday’s vision clinic held at the Quicken Loans Arena, I figured it was time for me to help out. What was my excuse not to? The whole studio was going. Along with Kim’s request of our attendance, she mentioned that we would have to meet at the studio at 6:15 am. 6:15 am is NOT a time I see very often. Regardless, I was planning on going, no matter what. I set my alarm for 5:15 am and when it went off, I was wide awake and ready to go but definitely completely unprepared for what the day had in store. As I share my story, you’ll hopefully come to see that I in no way regret my early morning start.

I guess you could say that many of my blog posts can be quantitative (see above). Calculating the amount of days left until a holiday, the growing months and years of our clients, the number of photos in a composite or even the square footage of the largest candy store. But yesterday really couldn’t be measured. Yes, of course the number of uninsured and under insured patients that lined the streets of Superior and Ontario were unbelievable, but for me, the amount of joy I felt from helping others is indescribable. The amount of happiness and appreciation could not be adequately justified by any number. And from what I witnessed, I’d say that the 900+ people that came (just adding in that number to show just how many people were provided with vision care) they too couldn’t even fully express the gratitude they had for us volunteering our time and services. Numbers give us statistics. They are a collection of data that give us a representation of something. For Medworks, knowing how many people they were able to help yesterday is a very profound statistic that they should be very proud of. But even knowing the number, being there made all the difference. Working at registration allowed me to meet the people face to face and really see (no pun intended) their need. They weren’t just numbers, they were fellow neighbors in our hometown of Cleveland that needed our help. It made me realize that I have it pretty good. If I should be quantitating anything, it should be the number of blessings in my life.

Just to give you some insight on our day…

I would say each of us had what we would call our favorite moment or even part of the day. One of mine (since I enjoyed my entire day) would be when I received a text from Kim at 7:31 am (which was only about 30 min after we had arrived). It said “Line’s down Ontario-can you shoot?”. Three of us brought our cameras with us to capture the patients, the doctors, the volunteers and all the buzzing around that was to occur until 6 pm. Kim obviously had her camera and I think intended on possibly photographing, but instead she got right to business with a mic in her hand calling out peoples’ wristband numbers from the stands of the arena. Everyone had their eyes on her, or at least had their ears open listening out for Kim to yell out their lucky number. With each number called out, it was as if a winning lottery number was announced. Once each hundredth number was reached, the crowd cheered and clapped. It was a huge milestone for those that had been waiting for hours. So needless to say, Kim had her hands full. I was placed at registration, so as soon as I finished with the person seated in front of me, I grabbed my camera and headed out. It was already hot and humid and there were hundreds of people lined outside the front doors. Some were reading the paper, while others sitting on the ground playing cards. But as I rounded the corner onto Ontario, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kept walking and walking as rush hour traffic passed by. The line was incredibly long and dense. I guess I never thought that there would be such a huge turnout. Trying to avoid getting hit by a car, I crossed Ontario to try and capture everyone standing around the Q. Mission impossible. Without a wide angle lens it wasn’t going to happen, but hopefully the photos below will give you a sense of what I saw that morning because in this case…seeing is believing.

Thumbs up to all who volunteered yesterday

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16 Mar

Kim and Co. go to Vegas


Last month, the Kim Ponsky Photography crew visited Las Vegas to attend 2011’s Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention and Trade Show.

Our mission for this years WPPI was simple: LEARN a Lot and Give You More!

We took every class imaginable and their offerings were spectacular. Here are just a few of the classes that we jumped in on.

  • Perfect Wedding Posing
  • Lighting for any Situation
  • Delivering All-Star Customer Service
  • Advanced Baby Photography
  • Capturing Emotion

When we were not in a technical skills class we were in an inspiration-building session. Every minute was filled with ways to better ourselves and deliver more to our clients. In one of the many classes that Kim took, her speaker said a very profound statement, it was “There are never traffic jams in the extra mile”. It perfectly summed up the Kim Ponsky Photography vibe. We are always striving to deliver excellence with every step of our process, from the way Kim shoots to the paper our art is printed on.

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14 Jul

Custom Framing

Ordering photos is the easy part, that’s if you’re decisive about which photos you want (unlike me who can never make a decision on anything). But so is the framing! Having your photos framed should not be a chore and it doesn’t have to be…

Michelle and Kim to the rescueeee!!!! We might not be super heroes, but we know our stuff :)

We don’t want you to ever order photos that will just sit in a pile on your desk. Your family portraits should be displayed in your home as a work of art. We’re here to help you find the right mat and frame for your individual photos or composites. We have a framer in the area that we use who is also very helpful in picking out the right frame for you! So don’t be afraid to order something that is an unusual size. We promise to help you in anyway we can!

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30 Jun

Special Delivery

Everyone that works at the studio knows that I LOVE our UPS guy Randy! My eyes light up everyday time I hear a man’s voice say “UPS” as he opens our heavy boiler room door. Aside from the fact that he has such a sweet personality and great smile, Randy also knows how much I love it when he brings us a package that I’ve been anticipating all week, or even months. Now you might wonder why I’ve been waiting months for that special delivery but that’s because our custom designed wedding albums have a much longer production time than our prints or photo books. So when Randy walks through that door, I already know the weight of the box and the contents inside. Yes, I’m a little crazy but with good reason. These are gorgeous albums and I enjoy taking the time to make them into a work of art. Below are just a couple examples of the albums we offer and we hope that one day you’ll give us the opportunity to capture your special day and turn it into an album that you’ll have for a lifetime. Plus, it gives me the chance to get excited one more time when that “special delivery” arrives.

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9 Nov

Kim Ponsky Photography Wins 2009 Best of Business Award!

We’re pleased to say that Kim Ponsky Photography has just been awarded the 2009 Best of Business for Cleveland Portrait Photography!
Thanks for making us one of the top photo studios in the Cleveland area!

The Award

The Award

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