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3 Apr

Cleveland Senior Photography | Beachwood Photo Studio

It’s hard to believe but graduation season is around the corner!  We have been lucky to be a part of so many senior photo sessions this year and we have loved every minute.  We’ve been all over Cleveland capturing seniors in cool spaces from museums and parks to private homes and of course our studio.  The finished images reflect the unique personalities and needs of each senior and we are proud of all of the amazing kids we got to capture.  Congratulations and good luck to the class of 2018!

Believe it or not it’s not too early to get a jump on Senior Photography for the class of 2019.  Spring and summer are ideal times for a senior photo session as the light is optimal during these seasons.  Call us today to find out more about senior portrait photography and to get on the calendar…Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).

Check out these photos that were shot in-studio on a clean, crisp, white background.  We love that they really make this guy pop!




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22 Jul

Dana’s Senior Photos

When client’s are deciding on a location to have their photos taken, I try to encourage places that best suit their personality. For Dana, East 4th street in downtown Cleveland was a perfect fit for her senior photos! The colorful backdrops and well as the variety in textures and lighting were complimentary to her personality. Enjoy a few of my favorite from the shoot!





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21 Apr

Jada’s Spring Senior Portrait Session

This gorgeous high school senior came into the studio today for her senior photos.  With the amazing weather, we took the session outdoors and used the building and surrounding areas as the backdrop.  A sweetheart of a girl, a beautiful and natural style, and great light combined to create stunning images.  She plans to use the photos as a part of her graduation announcement, but with so many shots to choose from, a small album or wall art collage may be the perfect keepsake for her mom as her little one leaves the nest.

Jada was a pleasure to photograph today, and was the perfect accompaniment to this fantastic day! Thompson_24 Thompson_18 Thompson_20BW Thompson_23



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14 Sep

Michaela’s High School Senior Photos

So many times when we photograph senior portraits, the parents and kids are put in a predicament where they love a number of the images, but really don’t want to decorate their house with photos of only one of their kids!  So after the wallets are ordered, and the school is sent the favorite image for the yearbook, the options open up for how to create a keepsake for these special images.  Michaela’s photos were used to create an adorable custom graduation party invitation.  We also created a beautiful flip book album of their favorites.  This way they have a record of photos, but their home doesn’t look like a shrine.  I always encourage families to invite other kids along to the senior portrait session.  Either siblings or friends.  Michaela’s sister joined in the fun, and we captured some great images of the girls together.  What a great opportunity to have some photos that the soon-to-be graduate can take to her dorm room and remember the good ole’ days!

Steiner_09 Steiner_21os Steiner_31 Steiner_34_5x7

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29 Aug

Beth’s Senior Portrait Session

It may have gotten her in trouble with her soccer coach, but skipping her pre-season scrimmage to take advantage of this beautiful summer was a great move by this gorgeous high school senior!  Beth is another of my students at Hathaway Brown, and I was so excited to get to take her senior photos.  I had driven through this park the week before, and suggested the location because I was struck by the fields of tall grasses and wild flowers.  Beth was such a great sport, agreeing to sit in, or climb on anything I asked her to!  It was so great to get to see this girl I’ve gotten to know in the classroom transform before me into a stunning young woman through my camera!  I’m sure I embarrassed her with my repeated “Oh my g-d, Beth, you’re so pretty!”  She had her turn to laugh at me when I pretty much freaked out upon gaining access to the building on site that had been left unlocked.  I was obsessed with the light, and asked her to indulge me while I had some photo-fun! The pictures turned out beautiful, and Beth and her family will have wonderful senior photos to commemorate this time in her life.  Brzozowski_09 Brzozowski_33 Brzozowski_43 Brzozowski_45

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