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28 May

Cleveland Senior Portraits | Outdoor Photo Session

With the nicer, warmer weather we’ve had here in Cleveland lately it has been a pleasure to be working outdoors doing what we love!  Senior Photos are among our favorite types of shoots and we were lucky to spend the afternoon with a sweet young man the other day to capture his senior portraits.  We even got serenaded during our photo session!  Getting to photograph this senior is extra special since we worked his older brother just a couple of years ago.  It’s always great catching up with families that we have a relationship with and we’re so grateful for the return business!

Check out this behind the scenes look at our senior photography work in action.  We’ll have the finished images ready to share soon and we can’t wait to see which ones become the family favorites!  Now is a great time to schedule a senior photo session for the class of 2019.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help make this a great experience for you and your family.  We look forward to working with you soon to capture this milestone occasion.

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Cleveland Senior Portraits | Cleveland Senior Portrait Photographer | Cleveland Outdoor Photography

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20 Feb

Cleveland Senior Photography | Studio Photo Session

The number one question we get about senior photos is where should we shoot them?  Studio vs. on-location is the burning question and the answer really depends.  If there a place that is meaningful to you or that you find particularly beautiful such as a park, your home, a skating rink or baseball field then shooting on-location may be for you.  We work all over Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs to capture seniors at their best. On the other hand if you are looking for a clean, classic look then in-studio photography may be the right choice.  Our Beachwood studio is conveniently located and is the perfect setting for a senior photo session.  Check out these crisp images that were shot in our Beachwood studio.  We opted for a vibrant blue background that adds dimension while still keeping the focus on this handsome senior.  His personality is able to transcend the lens and you almost feel like you’re getting to know the young man just by looking at his photos!  We love that he chose to keep some of the images in color while others look stunning in black and white.  Where would you choose to shoot senior photos?  We can make a compelling argument for in-studio or on-location!  Call us to schedule your senior portraits today.  Kim Ponsky Photography 216.229.PICS (7427).

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30 Mar

Senior Portrait Photography

Senior year is going to fly by and there will be a lot of lasts this year. Everybody is here to celebrate you-the you you are right now! It’s kind of a big deal. Actually, you are kind of a big deal this year! You’re on the brink of making some big decisions-not necessarily the biggest decisions of your life-but these upcoming years will shape the person you become, just like these last three years in high school have shaped the person you are today.

Now is the time to start thinking about your senior portraits. It’s a decision you and your parents, and perhaps even your grandparents, help you make. Senior portraits are the perfect reason to get some great photos of you at this point in life. They can be fun, light, serious-it doesn’t matter-it’s YOU!

Photographing seniors is one of our favorite things to do here at Kim Ponsky Photography. We love to go around the city of Cleveland and shoot at iconic spots in the 216. And if you’re thinking about an outdoor natural look, we know exactly where to take you for beautiful scenery.

If you think we’re right for you, we’d love to sit down, chat, and get to know you and your style. After all, we want you to love your photos the most! Take a look at some of our Seniors we’ve worked with in the past.








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14 Oct

Perfect Time for Senior Photos

My babies are 5 months old… and I’m already having anxiety about them going off to college!!!  When the time comes when your baby makes this grown-up move, doing a commemorative photo shoot is a great way to freeze time.

Whether the school requires you take them, or you just want your own keepsakes to commemorate your kids’ Senior year, the Fall is the perfect time to capture senior photos!  The backdrop of the changing leaves and the cooler weather makes this season pretty unbeatable photography.

We do a ton of Senior Photos, and help our clients design their order to best fit their wants & needs– be it a canvas for the wall that showcases the passage of time, an album holding a collection of Mom’s favorites for her to cry over when the house is a little too empty, or a stack of wallets for the soon-to-be graduate to pass out to friends… the possibilities are endless.

mccamon_004 mccamon_006 mccamon_015 mccamon_017 mccamon_024

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2 Mar

Get me out of the studio!

I’ll admit it… this winter has been freakishly mild.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve been enjoying it!  I love my studio.  Our location is unbeatable, the people we get to see on a daily basis make our day so enjoyable, and how fantastic to have the ability to do shoots inside when the weather’s crummy outside!  BUT… there is something about doing outdoor photo shoots that gets me so energized, and longing for the weather to clear up, warm up, and let me get back to playing outside with my clients!

This is a shoot from late last Fall that I never got around to sharing… I’m not sure what I was thinking!

Olivia’s senior portrait session was not done for the school requirements, but for her and her family to hang onto as a commemoration of this right of passage.  Plus, when you look like this, you should be photographed!!  The most annoying thing (not really) is that Olivia is as sweet as she is pretty… Ugh!  How can you not fall in love with this girl???!!

It was cold out… very.  I was bundled in my puffy coat, trying not to focus on my numb fingers, but you’d never know it from her photos!  Olivia sported the cutest outfits, and was up for anything and everything I threw at her as we explored the property we were shooting at.  This has to be one of my favorite photo sessions of last year– the light, the colors, and the subject all attributed to its success.

Senior photo sessions are so much fun because the “kids” are old enough to want to look good, and want to work with us to get the best shots possible… but have the spunk, energy, personality & inhibition that makes for a fun and successful photo shoot.

Take a look at some of Olivia’s favorites from her Senior Photo Session, and don’t wait to call and set YOUR outdoor photo shoot… Spring and Summer will be here soon!!

Dottore_003 Dottore_005 Dottore_006 Dottore_024 Dottore_037

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