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12 Oct

Throwback Thursday

Today we’re throwing it back to this gorgeous wedding we shot on location in Aspen.  Everything about this wedding was spectacular.  Great views, great time, great couple.  We hope you are enjoying your photos.  It’s been two years and we still can’t get enough of them!  Happy Anniversary Guys!

Deb Hurwitz
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11 Oct

What’s up, Wednesday?

It’s another busy day here at Kim Ponsky Photography. Kim started her day at the Cleveland Convention Center working for a corporate client to capture photos of their booth and speaker at the International Rubber Expo. After that she’s headed to the studio to photograph two cute little boys who have a 20-minute sessionette scheduled. Later this afternoon we have a few clients coming in to view and order their images from recent sessions. Behind the scenes we’re busy editing images from tons of sessions over the past few weeks. A holiday card order is off to the press and we have a wedding album in the works. This is all after we rescheduled outdoor senior photos for today because of the rain!!! Oh, and a UPS delivery just came with one of our client’s fabulous gallery wraps…they turned out great!

This and many much more is all in a days work around here! What do you have going on today? Happy Wednesday!

Deb Hurwitz
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11 Jul

Alessandra and Nikitas’ Greek Wedding

Weddings are about family… fundamentally, they are about creating a new family – a new beginning – between the bride and groom.  It is about bringing their two families together.  At last weekend’s wedding, those family connections were just the tip of the iceberg.

The presence of family was overwhelming at Alessa & Nik’s wedding.  The bridal party was made up of siblings & those friends so close they may as well be blood… The ceremony featured the groom’s father chanting the traditional Greek songs, and even the desserts were lovingly baked by the bride’s family (and boy were they delish!).

But with all of the elements of family throughout their wedding, there was another aspect that made this wedding special… this bride, being Gabriella’s sister, is a part of the Kim Ponsky Photography family… no pressure there!  ha!

I loved getting to see Gabriella and her sister’s crazy close relationship through my camera.  To see the tears of joy in their eyes as they acknowledged what a special day this was… or even the bittersweet tears in Gab’s eyes as she realized how her sister’s life was taking her (and their shared wardrobe) away from her.  These two are about as close as sisters could be, and the amount of love visible between them, and the rest of their newly extended family was palpable.  I was excited and honored to get to be a part of this crazy Greek and Italian family for the day, and capture what I know to be a day they will never forget.

1D41_3028 2D41_2689D41_2073 copy D41_2192 D41_2238 D41_2462 D41_2503 D41_2555 D41_2819DSC_4068 D41_3141DSC_4662D42_4864D42_4886D42_4892DSC_4949 D41_3325DSC_6090 D41_3472D41_3600DSC_6343DSC_6396D41_3671D41_4275D41_4614

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18 Aug

Kim & Kenny Get Married: Preview

It’s the wedding you’ve all been waiting for… Kim got married this weekend! In the weeks leading up to the big day everyone kept asking who does a photographer get to photograph her wedding? Gabriella and me of course! We were so happy to capture the beautiful day for such a beautiful lady! It was extra special to see someone we spend almost every day with so happy. We know everyone is eager to see the images from this past weekend, so Gab and I have chosen a few of our favorites as a sneak peek below. Keep your eyes open for more to come!DSC_0947 DSC_0937 DSC_1295DSC_1948  DSC_2786

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24 Jul

Amanda and Adam’s Wedding at the 9

There’s not too much I need to say about the wedding I got to photograph this past weekend other than… stunning.  Adam and Amanda were pretty much picture perfect, and the venue was the most incredible setting for the dramatic nature that they wanted for their wedding photos.  We didn’t even need to brave the crazy heat and humidity because there was no reason to leave the Vault at the 9.  There is so much I could say about this spectacular wedding, but I figured I’d let the images speak for themselves…

DSC_3558 DSC_3829 DSC_4159DSC_3869 DSC_4280DSC_4366

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