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24 Jul

Amanda and Adam’s Wedding at the 9

There’s not too much I need to say about the wedding I got to photograph this past weekend other than… stunning.  Adam and Amanda were pretty much picture perfect, and the venue was the most incredible setting for the dramatic nature that they wanted for their wedding photos.  We didn’t even need to brave the crazy heat and humidity because there was no reason to leave the Vault at the 9.  There is so much I could say about this spectacular wedding, but I figured I’d let the images speak for themselves…

DSC_3558 DSC_3829 DSC_4159DSC_3869 DSC_4280DSC_4366

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23 Jul

Stacy & Adrian’s Wedding

This past weekend Gabriella and I had the pleasure of photographing Stacy and Adrian’s Cleveland wedding. These two have really great luck with weather! During a summer full of rain and with beautiful days few and far between, not only did Stacy and Adrian have a gorgeous day for their engagement shoot (see the pics here), but their wedding took place on one of the sunniest days thus far! Despite the horrible heat, this bridal party brought their A-game from one location to the next. Because photography was a priority, Stacey and Adrian allocated enough time to go to multiple places and were willing to do anything we asked of them… leading to some pretty awesome wedding photos! Take a look below to see some of our favorites from their wedding day. Congrats you guys!

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18 Aug

Courtney & Seth’s Wedding Preview

Yesterday was perfection… the weather, the couple, and the wedding.  Everything ran smoothly, and the ease and grace of the day come through in the photos.  Sharon, Gabriella and I were all on hand to chronicle the big day for this beautiful couple, and could hardly point the camera in their direction without capturing a stunning image.  Pieter Bouterse Studio transformed Park Synagogue into a dream, and the Jerry Bruno Orchestra kept the party going.  I can’t wait to continue to peruse the many many images we captured yesterday, but for now here are a a bunch of my favorites…

02DSC_2962 03DSC_2989 04DSC_3108 05DSC_3193 06_D3S5414 07DSC_3407 08DSC_3568 09_D3S5753 10DSC_3611 11DSC_4222 12DSC_4592 13DSC_4508 14DSC_4239 15DSC_4560 16DSC_4808 17DSC_6847 18_D3S6001 19DSC_5324 20DSC_5352

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25 May

Happy Anniversary Amanda and Geoff!

It may feel like your big day was yesterday, but it’s been a YEAR! Take a look at this gorgeous couple’s wedding album, and wish them a very happy first anniversary.  This couple chose a Finao album with the “armor” cover– with the image printed directly onto metal.  Finished with the simple leather binding and back cover, the album combines the modern options with the traditional elements that will keep them loving it for years to come.  Amanda posted on our Facebook page that she made Geoff wash his hands before he touched the album when it arrived… we love how much our clients cherish their albums, and love hearing about their reactions to the final results!  Take a look at this beautiful wedding…







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2 Oct

Sharon and Jeff’s Wedding – Part 1

16 hours of photography… 157GB of memory cards and 7978 images shot… and 1430 proofs to be delivered to the couple. But I could’ve kept going! Why? Because this wedding was extra special. Not only am I friends with the Groom, but the beautiful bride and I have spent most of our days together for the past 2 years working side by side. Plus, I introduced them! I definitely feel pressure to deliver beyond expectations to all of the couples whose weddings I photograph, but in this case, I felt even more! I wanted Sharon to feel like a Bride, not a photographer. I wanted her day to be as special as could be… and it was. From the loving interactions between the family members, to the way Jeff and Sharon made each other laugh with little more than a glance, but also told the other they loved them with just a look, to the way the bridal party was smiling and laughing from morning til night. The party went on until the wee-hours, but we’ll get to that in Part 2 of this blog. Today we’ll start at the beginning, with the photos done at Sharon’s parents’ home… see the beauty, the moments, the love, the poise, and the many special parts of the day I got to be an eyewitness to.

























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