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18 Sep

Sergio and Alexis’ Cleveland Wedding

When you combine a stunning bride and groom, fun and outgoing personalities, a beautiful day, and a desire for great wedding photos… you get results like we got for Sergio and Alexis!  This couple has been wonderful to work with throughout the entire wedding process– with emails that make me laugh out loud, their fantastic engagement photo session, and even a mid-wedding day tailgate!  Great photos like these don’t require a huge variety of locations… we began the day at home where the bride got ready, and from the ceremony went on to Squire’s Castle for photos with the bridal party, and took even more back at the Intercontinental during their reception.  The recipe for great wedding day photography is simple… good attitudes, good light, and a lot of fun!

Here is a peek at a few of my favorites from Alexis’ and Sergio’s big day…

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31 Aug

Kim Ponsky Photography Goes A Little Bit Country

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.  If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it.  Your life will be impoverished.  But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

I have been in a contemplative mood this morning about beauty and the fact that it is all around us!  Kim really captured Melissa and Nick’s love of life and each other in these images taken at their wedding early this summer.  Whether you find beauty in the silence of a moment or in the laughter of a friend I challenge you to find beauty today!

Kim has made it a goal in her life to help capture these moments in your life and guide you to the best way of preserving them through our seemingly limitless products.  It is so often that clients come into the studio to view the images from their session or event and are speechless.  Somehow Kim has the ability to capture that fraction of a second when you, your family and your surroundings are at their absolute best!

Allow us the opportunity to help preserve these beautiful moments in your life!  We promise you will love the images!

Here are just  a few of my favorites from the day Melissa and Nick went from I do to We did!


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30 Jul

Wedding Tips From a Photographer – Part 2

I’m going to continue to point out some of my favorite pointers for couples on their wedding day using more photos from Beth and Robin’s Cleveland wedding!



Tip #6:   Look at things another way

Working with two photographers on your wedding day not only allows for more comprehensive coverage of the days events (i.e. one of us with the bride getting ready, the other with the groom), but it also allows us to capture the same scene from two unique perspectives.  Some of my favorite shots from Beth and Robin’s wedding were taken by my husband while the couple was posing for me!


Tip #7:  Trust your photographers

We won’t steer you wrong!  If your photographer asks you to sit on something that you think is questionable… just go with it!  We don’t want you to get too wrinkled or muddy– that will end up hurting the quality of your photographs!  Sitting on ledges, lawns or laps can make your photos more interesting, so if your photographer suggests  something you wouldn’t normally do, consider it!  But, as always, if you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or just plain don’t want to do what we’re asking… say something!


Tip #8:  Breath…

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, so it’s important to make sure you take some time throughout the day to step back and take it all in. It’s a big day, and a lot is changing in your life… spend some time with your groom, and by yourself… not only will it keep you centered throughout the day, but slowing down to observe it all will help you remember it.


Tip #9:  Be open to something new

While there is always something to be said for maintaining the traditional components to your wedding photography, it’s good to be open to something a little different.  Taking family photos at the ceremony site is a classic option, but be open to suggestion.  Sometimes other locations can provide better light, and a setting for a more interesting composition.


Tip #10:  Secrets, secrets are no fun!

Have a surprise planned to wow your guests?  Well don’t hold out on us!  We are there to capture your wedding day, but we need to know what to expect.  When we meet with you before your big day, we will go through the timeline and shot lists — make sure to let us know about anything special you have planned so we’re sure not to miss it!  Beth and Robin’s saucy Tango wow’d everyone — Even though I knew it was coming, I couldn’t believe my eyes!


It’s also so important to tell your photographers if there’s a specific shot that you want, or a style of photos you prefer.  We are artists who will interpret your request and create something new specifically for you, but we can use your notes as a guideline.  We are there to give you the best photos you can ask for — so you not only enjoy every aspect of your wedding day, the images you have to remember it by, and the experience you had creating them.



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27 Jul

Wedding Tips from a Photographer… Part 1

I love weddings.  I loved dreaming about what my wedding would be like one day, I loved everything about my actual wedding, and I love being a part of that special day for the couples we photograph.  I’m not an expert at all things wedding, but one thing I think I do have some good insight into is how to really ENJOY your wedding day, and how to get photos that you’ll love to look at for years!

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of a childhood friend.  We had lost touch for years, but were reconnected through this wonderful day in her life.  Not only was Beth a stunning bride, but she really enjoyed her wedding day — both of which allowed us to get great photos.

So thanks to Beth and Robin, and their wonderful wedding at the Union Club in downtown Cleveland, I can illustrate some of my favorite wedding day tips…


Tip #1: Get ready with good light

Having ample window light in the room where you get ready will not only allow your hair/makeup people see what their doing, but it will allow us to get the best shots.  Being able to capture all the parts of your day starts with the transformation from girl to bride… make sure you look your best with a spacious and well-lit environment.


Tip #2:  Eat!!

While the butterflies are fluttering, and the day is rushing by, it’s easy to forget to fuel your system.  Eating and staying hydrated throughout the day will keep your energy level up so you can make the most of your wedding day (and night!) — but it will also give you the color in your cheeks that will make your photos stunning.


Tip #3:  Tear-proof Eyeliner

A makeup artist once gave me the best tip to keep your eyeliner looking great throughout the tears that will surely flow throughout the day… While many people use gel eyeliner, it’s not actually waterproof.  So, here’s the magic trick:  Take waterproof mascara, smudge it on the back of your hand, and using an eyeliner brush apply your new waterproof eyeliner!  Voila!


Tip #4:  Prep your shoes

Girls and their shoes… I get it.  I had blue sparkly shoes for my wedding!  So after your exhaustive search for the perfect accessory, make sure you get them ready for the big day.  Wearing your shoes around your house a few weeks before your wedding is good for breaking them in (and avoiding wedding day blisters), but don’t forget about the bottoms!  Make sure to scuff the bottoms of the shoes on your driveway so you don’t slip and fall when you’re walking towards your groom!  Don’t worry, a scuffed sole won’t hurt pictures.


Tip #5:  Don’t miss your own wedding

So many details, so much can go wrong… who cares?!?  Nobody will remember if the chicken is a little dry.  Nobody will notice if you have a hair out of place.  If you get too hung up on those tiny details, you’ll miss the big picture — YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!  Stress all you want in the months and days leading up to your wedding, but as that day rolls around, throw your hands in the air, and have an “it is what it is” attitude.  The stress isn’t worth it — if you focus on that stuff, you’ll only hurt your wedding day experience.  So, let it go, and have fun!!


Stay tuned for more tips… coming soon!

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12 Jun

Diana & Daniel’s Picturesque Wedding

The weather is heating up, and around here that means wedding and family portrait season is kicking into high gear! As we work to capture your life’s stages and events, we’ll do our best to continue to share them on our blog.

This past weekend we photographed Daniel and Diana’s wedding. The day was full of family and tradition. The ceremony was at Holy Rosary right around the corner from our studio, pictures were back at the Bride’s childhood home, and the reception was at the always perfect Arcade. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day!

… The exquisite bride

The groom ain’t too bad himself!

… look how cute they are!

Diana has been told repeatedly that when she was a little girl, she would say that she wanted to stand on this balcony on her wedding day… Well, mission accomplished, little Di!

This is Diana’s grandfather… Such a sweet man, with a huge heart.  I loved his face.

This flower girl stole my heart (and attention) with her flapper-esque look!

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