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13 Sep

Bridal Photography 2.0

Wedding photography has been around forever.  You’ve seen your grandmother’s album, and I’m sure many photographs taken today aren’t that far off from what’s in it.  But changing trends don’t just happen in fashion.  Wedding photography also moves with the times, and modern wedding photos have a much more stylized feel than what Grandma had.  The traditional groups are nice to have (to give to Grandma), but modern wedding photography is a bride’s chance to be glamorous, be the cover girl, and be the star.  And while we’re at it, let’s throw a little bit of sexy into the mix!

So when you’re looking towards your wedding, and thinking about what images you want from your day… think beyond what you thought you “should” get, and think about what you CAN get from your wedding photos!

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7 Sep


So just to give you a heads up, this is going to be a long one…so you might want to get comfortable. This past Sunday, Kim got married and I knew that I was going to write about it as soon as I came into work today. I thought about what I would entitle this post even before the wedding…Kim’s Wedding, Table 13 (that was my assigned table), Who Photographs a Photographer’s Wedding?, etc…but as you can see I went ahead and simply titled it, Memories. That word sums up that night in more ways then one.

It first came to my mind when Kim’s parents gave their speeches. They both touched on the fact Kim chose a career path very different from her brothers, a path that was her passion, capturing photos, memories to be exact. Memories of special moments in peoples’ lives. That is why, aside from her wish of having her wedding happen in her parent’s backyard, her second request was to have someone, just like her, that could capture the moments at her wedding, so that she could have memories to hold onto of her special day. She found the perfect man for the job and I know that she will be anxiously awaiting for wedding photos. It’s finally Kim’s turn to be on the other side :)

Her mom’s remarks on her talents, led to a recording of Kim singing “Memories” from the play Cats at the age of 6…it was definitely a surprise to us all, including Kim. The look on her face was priceless. It was the cutest thing ever. Once I heard Kim sing that song, it became more obvious that, Memories, was the perfect word to use to for the blog post.

Memory is a great thing, but we don’t all have the best ones, me included. That’s why I couldn’t be more grateful for photographs. They take us back to the fleeting moments that are the essence of who we are. They make up the past that we cherish, that we hold on to and never want to let go. It’s that big smile, when your future husband lifts the veil or the 1 year old ring bearer who is gabbing away while being pushed down the aisle in his car. It’s your grandmother, who couldn’t be happier to see you marry a wonderful man. It’s all your close family and friends having the time of their life. This was all a part of one of the most beautiful weddings. Not even words can describe how perfect everything was that evening.

The wedding was planned in about 6 months and since I work by Kim’s side I pretty much knew most of the details. I was excited to see how everything that I already knew would come together. It blew my mind. I would never have been able to picture the sight before my eyes when I walked out onto the back porch. It was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have had a nicer day in Cleveland. I did get a glimpse of Kim before the night’s festivities began and she was breathtaking. For those of you who know Kim, she is gorgeous without any makeup or fancy clothes, but in a wedding dress, with her make-up done and the glow on her face, made her look even more spectacular. Ok, the groom didn’t look too shabby either :)  All these details, are personal memories I will never forget and if I do, I made sure to take photos of my own.

I told Kim, that I would bring my camera to the wedding to help her capture even more moments, just in case the thousands that the professional photographer took weren’t enough! I definitely took several hundred but I was also told that it was an absolute must for me to enjoy the wedding as well, and boy did I have a great time! My night was full of laughter and dancing, and I was surrounded by many others doing the exact same thing.

Kim’s dad said something that touched my heart, he said that life is a balance and has it’s good moments and its bad, but the goal in a marriage, though it is hard work, is to have more good days. I believe that applies to all the commitments we make, big or small. Our job is to do the best we can in every role we take on but to acknowledge that not everything might go as planned or as we had hoped. I wish Kim and her new hubbie many good days and the strength to get through the bad ones together. That’s the beauty in the vows that we take when we get married, to know that we have ours soulmate by our side when those days happen to arise. I wish them many years of health and happiness! Love you guys!

Below are a few of the memories I have from that night, I hope you enjoy them!

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6 Jul

Introducing: Dynamic Visuals

I am in love with my camera! I am, I can’t help it! I do love my fiance, but he knows that my heart belongs first and foremost to my Nikon D3s. The decision to acquire this new member of the Kim Ponsky Photography family came with some pressure… how could I justify the purchase so it wasn’t just a new toy? I had to make it count! I had to find a new and spectacular way to utilize its awesome and magical powers. Not only can this camera practically shoot in the dark, but it also captures HD video. When I first began playing around with that feature, anyone who viewed what I shot was sure to get seasick! It took some practice to learn to shoot with a steady hand… but I’ve definitely gotten better, and am now capturing what we’re calling “Dynamic Visuals” — cinematic clips with the tangibility of video, but the artistic composition of a portrait photographer.

When we have two photographers on site for a wedding- one of us can capture still images, while the other shoots video. What comprehensive coverage! Imagine, no longer having to hire a videographer and a photographer — we’re a one stop shop!

Take a look at a short promo we put together from a recent wedding!

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30 Jun

Special Delivery

Everyone that works at the studio knows that I LOVE our UPS guy Randy! My eyes light up everyday time I hear a man’s voice say “UPS” as he opens our heavy boiler room door. Aside from the fact that he has such a sweet personality and great smile, Randy also knows how much I love it when he brings us a package that I’ve been anticipating all week, or even months. Now you might wonder why I’ve been waiting months for that special delivery but that’s because our custom designed wedding albums have a much longer production time than our prints or photo books. So when Randy walks through that door, I already know the weight of the box and the contents inside. Yes, I’m a little crazy but with good reason. These are gorgeous albums and I enjoy taking the time to make them into a work of art. Below are just a couple examples of the albums we offer and we hope that one day you’ll give us the opportunity to capture your special day and turn it into an album that you’ll have for a lifetime. Plus, it gives me the chance to get excited one more time when that “special delivery” arrives.

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18 Jun

Abby and Kyle’s Wedding

I had such a great time photographing Abby and Kyle’s wedding last weekend!  As I drove out to Abby’s parents’ house on Saturday morning, I had one eye on the road, and the other on the clouds… it was supposed to rain, but it wasn’t… would it??  When I arrived, I found a house full with ladies in their beautiful dresses running about, seeing to last minute details, and one lone Dad preparing to marry off his baby girl.  The bride herself was the picture of calm and eager anticipation as she giggled and enjoyed every second of her wedding day.

We began with photographs at their home, and Abby barely flinched as spiders and mosquitoes tried to join her in her gown!  From there we drove to the beautiful St. Christopher’s cathedral in Rocky River.  Here I had an experience I’m still laughing about… Minutes before the ceremony, I somehow (and I’m really not sure how) managed to hit myself in the forehead with my camera and made myself bleed!  Are you kidding me?!?  A photographer knocking herself in the face with her camera?  Was this the first time I’ve used the thing?  Is this a dangerous job?!?  There I was, trying not to look like a complete fool while I’m bleeding from the head outside of the church before the wedding ceremony!  Never a dull moment…

After the ceremony we went to two of my favorite Cleveland photography locations, and had a blast– The bridal party were troopers– braving the heat, the humidity and the occasional rusty nail… We got tons of great shots that Abby and Kyle will use to fill their wedding album!

I especially loved to see the energy, love and fun continue throughout the reception at the Embassy Suites in Independence.  After a cake cutting for the books (although food fight is probably a more appropriate term), I’m not sure that the Bride ever left the dance floor!  Abby is probably the most expressive person I’ve met.  I LOVED it!  Every shot was a keeper– It makes selecting her pictures a real challenge… that’s the kind of challenge I like!  I had such a great time with Abby, Kyle, their family and friends, and can’t wait until I’m invited back to their anniversary party!

Congratulations guys– Thanks for including me in your wedding plans!  Here’s a peek at some of your wedding photos– more to come soon!

Abby's dress and accessories helped her glow, but nothing was as great as her smile and attitude!

I'm such a sucker for a good father/daughter moment...!

I love these shots... and the shoes!

"Abby in Wonderland" -- Yes, I know I'm a dork.

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