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7 Aug

Rachel & A.J.’s Wedding at Landerhaven

Last Sunday was a great day!  It began with the birth of my newest nephew, and continued on with the beautiful wedding of Rachel and A.J!  The weather cooperated for us, and we were able to get awesome wedding photos both inside and outside at Landerhaven.  Highlights from the night included a candy bar that I couldn’t walk by without snagging a malted milk ball (shhhh!) and the awesome tunes of IMAGES band (!

Here are some of my favorite bridal & wedding party photos… 





Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day, guys!  Enjoy your honeymoon, and we’ll look at the rest of your wedding photos when you return.

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29 Jul

Scott and Jennifer’s Wedding

Despite a grim weather report, the sun came out for this couple on their wedding day, and everything was beautiful at Firestone Country Club.  With their family all around them, the bride and groom were cool as cucumbers– Jenn even took over when the make-up artist didn’t show up!  This wedding was all about the marriage, and family– the way it should be– stress free, and full of love.  It was so much fun, and a pleasure to be a part of.  Especially when I got pulled on the dance floor at the end of the night!  

Although many couples are reluctant to see each other before the ceremony, I strongly encourage it.  The extra time allows us to take our time with the wedding photography, and really get the best shots.  If it’s the emotional reaction to seeing the bride in her dress you want, we are able to “stage” it much better given the proper setting.  Then, after the wedding, you don’t have to rush away from all the hugs and kisses!

Here are some of my favorite pre-ceremony portraits of Scott & Jenn!

Scott & Jenn 1

Scott & Jenn 2

Scott & Jenn 3

Scott & Jenn 4

Thanks for letting me photograph you wedding, guys– It was such a great time!  I can’t wait to show you all the great shots when you return from your “family-moon!”

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