The question of what to wear for a photo session is one of the most common questions we get at our studio.  We talk about keeping it simple, about staying within the “same box of crayons,” and about how a family can coordinate without matching.  But when it’s one kid or baby being photographed by himself, the question often becomes HOW MANY outfits to use.  To this, I often recommend keeping the outfit changes to a minimum, as it can often make a kiddo fussy, or interrupt the momentum of our interactions and the fun & flow of the session.  Parents often show up with nearly every item from the kids’ closet, and ask me to choose.  I think the kids should look like THEM!  Pick something that will remind you of what they looked like at that particular age.  Picking two different looks?  Take advantage of the wardrobe change, if there is going to be one… Go with something totally different!  Something you’ve been saving… or you wanted the excuse to buy.  Baby H here is a perfect example… At 7-months (one of my favorite ages to photograph), he gave me a variety of fantastic expressions to capture… but since he’s not yet running, climbing and hiding from me, transforming his look and the feel of the photos via a location and wardrobe change gave the parents more looks to choose from.  Instead of being the same baby, in the same location, in different clothes… this little guy basically had two sessions in one!  … Two locations?  That’s even trickier than two outfits.  I wouldn’t dare put a baby in the car after 20 minutes of photos and expect him to be ready to go in a new location… but in this case, we were able to take advantage of the exterior and interior spaces of my studio to accomplish our goal!  Take a look at Baby H’s photos… how cute is he?!?Huber_01 Huber_05 Huber_07 Huber_17 Huber_19 Huber_20 Huber_22

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