I love photographing weddings. Mostly, because they’re such fun & happy days in the couple’s life… but also because it is so much fun to spend the day getting to know, and celebrate with the couple.

This weekend, I got the chance to add a whole other dimension to that enjoyment when I got to photograph my cousin’s wedding at Mayfield Country Club.

When we first discussed the idea of having me photograph the wedding, the big question was “But wouldn’t you rather be a guest?” My response was a firm “NO!” I explained to them that by photographing their wedding, I had a front seat view to all of the day’s happenings. I got to spend the whole day with them, and experience even more of their wedding day. Plus, if I wasn’t the photographer, I’d be watching whomever they did hire, wondering if they were getting the shots I’d want them to get! Call me a control freak… but I love my cousins, and wanted to make sure they got photographs that not only represented the day, but who they are – as individuals and as a couple.

It was so easy for me to know what expressions to capture, because I know them, and know what smiles are real or fake. Because they were able to be themselves with me, the photos reflect the fun, comfort, love and happiness of the day.  The whole day was so much fun, and getting to share that experience with them was so special.

Here are a few of my favorites!


Great working with you! some more amazing photos to view! you are truly amazing! can’t wait to work with you again real soon!

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