I had such a great time photographing Abby and Kyle’s wedding last weekend!  As I drove out to Abby’s parents’ house on Saturday morning, I had one eye on the road, and the other on the clouds… it was supposed to rain, but it wasn’t… would it??  When I arrived, I found a house full with ladies in their beautiful dresses running about, seeing to last minute details, and one lone Dad preparing to marry off his baby girl.  The bride herself was the picture of calm and eager anticipation as she giggled and enjoyed every second of her wedding day.

We began with photographs at their home, and Abby barely flinched as spiders and mosquitoes tried to join her in her gown!  From there we drove to the beautiful St. Christopher’s cathedral in Rocky River.  Here I had an experience I’m still laughing about… Minutes before the ceremony, I somehow (and I’m really not sure how) managed to hit myself in the forehead with my camera and made myself bleed!  Are you kidding me?!?  A photographer knocking herself in the face with her camera?  Was this the first time I’ve used the thing?  Is this a dangerous job?!?  There I was, trying not to look like a complete fool while I’m bleeding from the head outside of the church before the wedding ceremony!  Never a dull moment…

After the ceremony we went to two of my favorite Cleveland photography locations, and had a blast– The bridal party were troopers– braving the heat, the humidity and the occasional rusty nail… We got tons of great shots that Abby and Kyle will use to fill their wedding album!

I especially loved to see the energy, love and fun continue throughout the reception at the Embassy Suites in Independence.  After a cake cutting for the books (although food fight is probably a more appropriate term), I’m not sure that the Bride ever left the dance floor!  Abby is probably the most expressive person I’ve met.  I LOVED it!  Every shot was a keeper– It makes selecting her pictures a real challenge… that’s the kind of challenge I like!  I had such a great time with Abby, Kyle, their family and friends, and can’t wait until I’m invited back to their anniversary party!

Congratulations guys– Thanks for including me in your wedding plans!  Here’s a peek at some of your wedding photos– more to come soon!

Abby's dress and accessories helped her glow, but nothing was as great as her smile and attitude!
I'm such a sucker for a good father/daughter moment...!
I love these shots... and the shoes!

"Abby in Wonderland" -- Yes, I know I'm a dork.

Omg, you guys are so amazing looking!

& Jen ew you want to see honeymoon pics?!?!?!?

I love you guys!

Lauren Elizabeth Reitsman

Those pictures are amazing, i want to see more!

they look great!

they look amazing!!! where are the rest of them??? i think she took a million! :)

Great pictures! You were stunning!!!! I cannot wait to see the rest :-)

Diane Powers Steinert

Fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more.

Where were thr group shots taken? They are great!

sooooo pretty!

Aweee I love them!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest and some honeymoon pics!!!

Beth Etcher Showalter

She is so talented! The pictures turned out beautifully. Fortunately, she had such a beautiful bride and handsome groom to photograph. Congratulations again. We are so happy to have you in the family.

What great photos! Not the traditional – no surprise from you Abby.

I’ve never seen my cousin – Kyle – look so good! Abby’s ALWAYS gorgeous, of course, and you captured her beautifully! Well done.

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