Kim Ponsky

– Owner, Photographer –


As long as I can remember, my two favorite pastimes have been photography and playing with kids… It made sense for me to combine the two!  Beginning my career with children’s photography was a natural and easy decision.  I have always loved the innocence of a child, and the power of looking into their eyes.  What better than to capture that in a photograph, and provide parents and grandparents a lasting memory.  Eventually, I decided to take the candid-portrait style of photography that I had developed and expand my business into bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and corporate photography. What I found was that the same strategies I had relied on when photographing kids worked in these areas as well, and the results were great!

I truly love my job.  It sounds so cliche to say that, but when you’re lucky enough to feel like you get to do your hobby as a career, there’s nothing trite about it– I look forward to every day, and try to pack them as full as possible.  I am constantly learning new things, and trying to improve my craft.

In addition to working as a practicing portrait photographer, I also work part-time at Hathaway Brown School where I teach the Advanced Photography classes to 11th and 12th graders.  I love this.  It was at HB where I was first exposed to photography, and fell in love with the art.  I only hope I can inspire my students as I once was…