What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… unless you’re Aiden and Atyia’s parents… They live in Las Vegas, but chose to get their updated family photos in Cleveland!  Gabriella and I were thrilled to get to use the charm of the old buildings in and around Public Square as the backdrop for this urban photo session.  Most of our time is spent in Cleveland’s abundant green spaces, so we had so much fun playing and experimenting with new scenes and locations.  The kids were such great sports– Atyia was captivated with the gravel on the sidewalk, and Aiden suffered through all of my requests including laying down on the gross city ground.  I was most impressed, however with what an incredible big brother this 11yr old was to his baby sis.  Some people may think that you have to go to Vegas to have the fun, but this family, they brought the fun from Vegas to Cleveland!

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