We’ve seen a lot of these two little angels over the past few months (Alyssa playing dress up, Waiting for her sister, and Emma’s newborn session), and we can’t get enough!  We’re trying to cope with the fact that they’re leaving us and moving to NYC, so for this last Cleveland hurrah, we had a ball.  Since they’re currently living in a hotel and out of boxes, the girls came over my house for this photo session.  Their amazing mom always gets the juices flowing with some creative and original idea.  We began the session with Alyssa reading a book while perched on the potty– couldn’t have been cuter, but I refrained from putting them up on the blog… we don’t want her hunting us down when she’s older!  We filled the tub and put the girls in a sea of bubbles — Poor Emma had no idea what was going on, but she was a great sport!  Then it was time for dress up!  A naked Alyssa had so much fun streaking around my house– and I just did my best to capture all the cuteness!  Here are just a few of the MANY adorable shots from this natural light photo session with my little girlfriends…

Danks_11 Danks_37 Danks_40 Danks_42 Danks_46 Danks_55

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