Most pregnancy photo session focus on, well, the mom’s pregnant belly.  We often incorporate an older sibling into the shoot, but in this case, the baby’s big sis was the star.  Alyssa’s mom felt that the person whose life is going to change the most was her’s, and that the relationship between the sisters was what the session should be about.  I loved it.  Creative as can be, I can’t take credit for the concepts for this shoot– a tea party, tin-can phone, or the matching belly shirts — this momma is my hero!  We are already planning the fun we’ll have with Baby Girl #2 when she makes her photo debut just before Christmas.  Danks_10 Danks_16 Danks_21 Danks_25


These pics are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL and SWEET!!!What an AMAZING baby belly this mom-to-be has and I just LOVE her innie bellybutton!!!!!!!!!!!

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