There are many reasons why people come to a photography studio for pictures… Special event photography, birthday photos, large family reunion group shots… but some of the most fun happens when the point of the session is nothing more than just capturing the child’s personality at a certain stage in their life.  This little girl loves to play in her Mom’s closet, dress up, and put makeup on… so her mom came into the studio armed with bags of accessories, and just let this little princess have at it!  What I really love about these photographs, is that 30 years from now, this little one can show her daughter what she was like at this age.  What a treasure to hang on to and share… It’s a frozen snapshot of time to hold on to forever.  Danks_27 Danks_25 Danks_23 Danks_16 Danks_12 Danks_04Danks_29


Precious! Priceless!

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