Looking back at how the kids that come into my studio for photos grow and change is one of the best parts of getting to see families year after year.  Ari and Noah came into the studio this morning along with their family for an updated set of portraits.  The boys are adorable, and so so cute!  I loved seeing how Ari looks the same, but older… and how Noah has transformed from a baby into a boy in what feels like a minute!  Take a look down memory lane… we missed last year, but you’ll see how these guys have grown up in front of my eyes… and camera.

Synenberg_08 Synenberg_15 _DSC9874


Gosh, are they gorgeous! The pics and the bros! Love t

Beautiful photos! The boys had so much fun yesterday at your studio! Thanks for the beautiful blog post.

Wow!!! Love the Moment!!! Heart Love!!! This is So Real!!!

Wonderful pictures you could really see the brotherly love. Thank you Kim for capturing them so beautifully!
Aunt Robin of Ari and Noah

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