Welcome to 2011!  We hope this year bring you amazing things– and we’re going to do our part to make that happen!

We’re really excited about a new complementary service we’re offering this year… the at-home ordering & design consultation!  We often have clients send us photographs or measurements of a spot in their home they want to create a special photo display on; but too often, they come in, order a photograph in a random size, and then go home and try to find a spot for it.  That’s not doing any one any favors!

So now we’re going to do YOU a favor…

Let a member of our team come to your home and work with you to determine not only the best spot in your house for the images; but the size and format that would best suit that spot.  You’ll be amazed at how flawlessly your new photos can become a part of your home.

This split-panel canvas gallery wrap was sized perfectly for this home office.  Taking into account the width of the desk, the height of the chair, and the depth of the shelves on the adjacent wall, the size was calculated to fit the space perfectly.  Now Dad can get some work done while being surrounded by good memories… that’s my kind of art.


hello I am looking for someone to take my pregnancy photos and was wondering how much you would charger me my due date is September 28 so I am 33 weeks as of now

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