If I could shop in Ava’s closet, I’d be one happy girl!  This little peanut of a person was dressed beyond the 9’s for her one year birthday photo session, and brought as much personality and sass to the studio as she did style.

Her parents got a workout trying to keep her in the studio, but the results were definitely worth all of their hard work– What a fun and varied selection of images they’ll have forever to commemorate this milestone in not only Ava’s life, but theirs!

Not too much more is needs to be said to accompany these photos, so we’ll just leave it at that.  Take a look at this selection of images that Ava’s parents went home with, and get to hang on to forever…

Gagliardi_03 Gagliardi_13 Gagliardi_21 Gagliardi_25 Gagliardi_26 Gagliardi_34 Gagliardi_35 Gagliardi_38


Danielle and Frank, these are awesome photos. I love the one of the three of you.

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