Wall Art

Looking for something a little different that will literally POP from your wall?  We have a variety of options that come out of the box ready to go up on your wall!  These striking presentations will transform your favorite photograph into a work of art.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Canvas gallery wraps are available in the standard or slim-line, this popular option is great when you’re looking for something a little different, and a bit more modern.  The canvas is stretched on a stretcher-frame, similar to a painting.

Float Wraps

Float wraps are a new and unique option to display your photos.  This option is similar to Gallery Wraps or Standout Mounts in that they add dimension by extending out from the wall.  By wrapping the photographic print (canvas or metallic) around a padded board, and mounting it to a thick gatorboard backing, the Float Wrap will appear to be floating on the wall.


Standout mounts display sleek edges and sides to create a modern wall display. The mount itself is made from a lightweight foam banded with black, white or stainless steel edges.  All paper types can be featured on a standout mount.

Wood Blocks

Standing strong and solid, these wood block prints offer the same modern look as our other Wall Art options, but with the added element of dimension. The photographic prints are mounted onto wood blocks of various sizes, and can be presented with additional blocks projecting from the base… These are a new and exciting option that is like no other product.

Wall Arrangements

Wall Art images look fantastic on their own, but group a few together on a wall for a display that will leave an impression on whomever sees it!