Digital Files

File Size and Information

When you purchase digital copies of our images, we deliver them to you in the same size that we use to go to print. We stand behind the quality of our files, but cannot stand behind the products produced from other labs and printers.

Delivery Methods

We are happy to deliver your digital files in your preferred method… Just let us know if you want them on a CD/DVD, USB (for weddings and events), email, or dropbox!

Archival Information

Digital files are as fragile as some of your most valuable ??>>. Because computers crash, CDs/DVDs scratch, and it’s so easy to accidentally delete a file, preserving your digital files is a tricky and unreliable endeavor. For that reason, our studio’s policy is that nothing is as archival as the printed products that we produce. Having the digital files for online sharing, or peace of mind is fine, and that’s why we make the files available for purchase, but it is important to us that our clients are educated about the true dependability of having the digital files as backup. The only truly archival and heirloom products we produce are the prints, wall art and albums that come from our well-vetted labs.

For these same reasons, we only guarantee our own archival methods of your photos for 2 years following your session. We do our best to keep multiple copies in multiple locations for the best chance of preservation, but if you ever try to play your favorite mix-tape or laser-disk, you’ll understand that the various recording formats cannot be expected to be accessible forever.

Use of Images

In 1976, the Federal Government passed the copyright law to prevent the copying of protected materials, including books, sheet music, and professionally created photographs.

The portraits you have commissioned us to create are from one of the most celebrated custom boutique studios in the industry. Kim Ponsky Photography invests heavily in education and training in order to provide the highest level of quality of photography. As such, duplicating, scanning or copying images creates a severe loss of color, clarity and permanence in the portraiture. 

Since such losses reflect poorly on the reputation of our professional work, Kim Ponsky Photography has reserved the copyright on each portrait we create.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us continue to provide the highest levels of quality and integrity for which we are known.


The COPYRIGHT ACT protects photographers by giving the author of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce your photographs, including the right to control the production of copies.

It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without our written permission.
Copyright infringement is a felony and is punishable by civil and criminal penalties. The law also
specifies damages at $150,000 per infringement.